Volatile Life

Volatile Life isn't something that I generally check the market for as far as buying and reselling goes. Usually I only bother with it when I have some to sell from unloading my Vashj'ir character once every couple of days or once a day if I really remember to log him on every time I should. Volatile Life is another one of the Volatile Markets that is ever changing and always has new items going up and current ones being bought. I know that I can usually sell Volatile Life for 5g each on my server without much difficulty at all and I usually don't buy out any that are lower unless they're down to something like 3g per.

Since gathering almost every single herb awards the player with some Volatile Life the market can get flooded pretty quick. Also if there are a bunch of level 23+ guilds on your server (means they have the Bountiful Bags perk), oh boy, you don't want to know how much Volatile Life they can get find and then flood the Auction House with. Even though I can probably occasionally get 6g for each Volatile Life I prefer unloading them quickly for a slightly cheaper price.

Now if for some reason you're having difficulty selling Volatile Life, if you have an Alchemist character then you can fix the problem by simply transmutting the Volatile Life into a different type of Volatile. Any Alchemist will be familiar with this Transmutation, it is called Living Elements. Now, even though it says the element it gives you in exchange is random it really isn't. Depending on what zone your character does the transmute in will determine which Volatile element you will recieve. Here is a quick breakdown.

Volatile Life Transmutes:

Volatile Air - Uldum

Volatile Fire - Mount Hyjal

Volatile Water - Vashj'ir

Volatile Earth - Deepholm

Now usually the only two I would ever recommend transmuting them into is Air or Fire because they are the best selling Volatiles on most servers. However sometimes Water has a weird uprising and shoots up in price to 12g each from its usualy 6 - 8g each prices. So, really the only completely worthless Volatile in the whole list is Earth, which sells for like 3g each on my server and that is the only one I don't recommend transmuting life into, since it is worth less.

If you don't know about Transmute Living Elements, it isn't just a single Volatile that you will be transmuting, it is 15 of them. When doing the transmute you can get between 14 and 16 Volatiles, the amount is random. However, Alchemists that specialize in Transmutation Mastery have a chance to get bonus Volatiles when doing this Transmute which will further increase any profits made of course.

That is just about all I can tell you about Volatile Life that I don't already explain in my videos. The only additional bit of information that I can think of to add is try not to load Volatile Life, if you have a lot of it, onto the Auction House in large numbers. I usually see stacks of 200 Volatile Life sit up there for quite awhile where as I can sell my stacks of 50 for the same price in a quarter of the time.

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Volatile Life Tips

- Don't buy out Volatile Life unless it is selling extremely fast or is extremely cheap

- Don't transmute Volatile Life into something else unless it isn't selling at all or you know that the element you are transmuting it into will sell better and equally as fast

- If herbs and Volatile Life are cheap on your server and not selling you can make them into Flasks or Potions such as Mythical Healing Potion or Golemsblood Potion and Potion of Illusion

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