Silk Cloth

Silk Cloth is another cloth market you will want to check periodically when browsing the Auction House. Since you won't really be farming Silk Cloth by itself (you will get some while farming Goldthorn, though) you will need to remember to browse the Auction House specifically looking for silk. I found it helps to just search "Silk Cloth" on the Auction House when looking for Embersilk Cloth as well, since it will display both Silk and Embersilk Cloth. This will help the lazy people and also assist you in remembering to search for Silk.

Much like the other Cloths, with Silk Cloth people have a tendency to undercut the living hell out of it. It isn't uncommon for me to see a stack of Silk on the Auction House for 4 - 6g. Knowing I can get anywhere between 12 and 16g for a stack of Silk that is a very good deal that I just can't pass up on. Below is a picture of the average good deal that I see on Silk Cloth.

Cheap Silk Cloth:

Usually there are a few stacks up for lower then this but the reason I liked this picture so much was because it showed a massive amount of stacks up on the Auction House, all of them able to net me a profit of 3g or more. I bought all of the Silk Cloth out in that picture above and relisted them all on the Auction House for 13g 80s each. Not the cheapest Silk on the Auction House and slightly more expensive then someone else. But I wanted to make a profit larger than 12g a stack.

Turns out that it worked out too because within two minutes of listing them on the Auction House I managed to sell three stacks for the price I mentioned previously. Below is a picture of the three stacks that I sold.

With three stacks already sold and another 8 left to sell, buying out that line of Silk was an extremely quick and very good deal to buy and resell. Now as mentioned before you really wont be getting much Silk by doing anything else aside from buying it and selling it for more through the Auction House. You will get some if you loot the mobs which you kill that are in the way while farming Goldthorn, but besides that it is just like Embersilk Cloth in the fact that all the money you make through it will be from buying it and selling it for more on the Auction House.

Now, unlike much of the other cloth if Silk starts piling up in your inventory there isn't much you can do with it to make a profit. All of the lower level Enchanting materials sell for next to nothing on the Auction House and besides not selling for really anything at all they never sell to begin with. Granted, I've never heard of nor seen Silk piling up in someones inventory since it sells so well, I guess it would be a possibility. If it does happen, just hold onto it and don't unload it for a cheaper price. Tailors use a lot of Silk when skilling up so at one point there will be demand for the cloth once again and someone willing to pay a good amount for each stack.

Silk Cloth Tips

- Be sure to loot all of the mobs when running Scarlet Monastery Cathedral that you kill since they have a chance to drop Silk Cloth as well as Mageweave Cloth

- Never hesitate on a good deal when it comes to Silk. This stuff gets gobbled up fast especially if you're on a high population server

- Always put Silk up in full stacks. The only people buying it are people who want a lot of it for First Aid and Tailoring and they can't be bothered to buy it out one by one

Silk Cloth Math Page