Hypnotic Dust

Hypnotic Dust is an extremely difficult market to master, especially on my server. It randomly gets flooded and randomly goes dry. On my server I usually buy Hypnotic Dust when it gets into the 4g range or less. I picked up a few stacks earlier in the week (Monday or Tuesday) for 71g each and just now got to sell them on a Friday for 110g each. I don't have a picture of the purchases but I do have a picture of some of the sales.

As you can see by looking at the entire page it isn't uncommon to see Hypnotic Dust going for dirt cheap prices but I can't advise you putting all of your eggs into one basket with Hypnotic Dust. Very commonly do I buy a large amount of stacks for dirt cheap prices and have the person that was undercutting me load another 10 stacks on the Auction House after I just bought out his 10. This will go on endlessly usually and I don't like being stuck with anymore than 30 stacks of an item. If Hypnotic Dust's market does tank on your server I highly recommend buying 10 - 20 stacks out for dirt cheap prices and then waiting for the market to reboot to make maximum profit.

Of course if you're rich and don't mind buying out a ton of a single item you can reboot the market yourself. Doing this is extremely risky and not many people have 40 - 50k lying around that they can dump into a single item and then wait over a month to make profit on it. If you don't know what you're looking for with a market reboot below is a picture of when you can tell the market has completely restarted itself.

Now the prices are "alright" on the Hypnotic Dust, but notice there is only a single page of it on the Auction House? I underlined it in the picture so you can see. Usually there are at least 8 pages or more seeing that there is only one means I can make some money by putting mine up. Also notice that they are all singles, most people are lazy and will buy out full stacks for slightly more than going through and buying all of the single Hypnotic Dusts.

Knowing all of this I took a few of my Hypnotic Dust stacks and put them on the Auction House for 110g each and a couple singles for 5g 87s each. Notice I didn't undercut the 3 people that have Hypnotic Dust on the Auction House for lower? I know I can get 5g 87s for each Hypnotic Dust and when someone buys out all the cheaper stuff on the Auction House mine will be the first on the list meaning if I get lucky it will sell. As you can see in the picture below here are the stacks that I put up.

By this time someone already jumped on the bandwagon to try and reboot the Hypnotic Dust market for much less than what I had in mind. He loaded up two full pages of it on the Auction House in stacks of 5 for 24g each. Usually I would buy this out and try and teach him a lesson to mess with my market, but chances are if he loaded up two full pages he has a ton more Hypnotic Dust he wants to sell and is the one who rebooted the market in the first place. This is something you want to identify quickly and STAY AWAY FROM. When there is someone controlling a single market they will defend it with their life savings, you don't know how much gold they have and it is a battle you will most likely not win.

Luckily though, people didn't want to buy out stacks of 5 and went straight to the stacks of 20 to buy them (lucky me, huh?). This picture was taken shortly after putting up those stacks of 20 that you see.

His are still up on the Auction House but two of mine sold for much more than his. This was extremely rare to happen and the definition of being stupidly lazy that you would rather buy out 2 auctions for more than 8 auctions for less. Don't expect this to always happen, but this was the logic of why I put a few stacks up instead of all singles or 5s. Now this isn't always to say you should put them up in full stacks, usually I put them up in singles but I seen a good opportunity here and I took it.

Besides what I taught you already with Hypnotic Dust there really isn't much more you should know. The only thing I can think to add before I get into the tips section and the closing of this guide is that, just like with all other high end level 85 materials it is best to sell them on days when you know a guild will be raiding or finishes raiding. New gear means they will need new enchants and new gems which means lots of sales of those materials on the Auction House!

Hypnotic Dust Tips

- Only buy Hypnotic Dust if it is really low in price. As mentioned before when it drops under 4g on my server I know I can make a decent profit off of it.

- If you're trying to unload Hypnotic Dust figure out when guilds raid on your server and put the dust up on the Auction House that day.

- I don't recommend focusing a lot of attention to the Hypnotic Dust market, at least on my server it is too random and sporatic to yield a good daily profit. As mentioned before, scoop up some when it is extremely cheap and keep checking back for when the market balances back out.

- If you have a lot of Hypnotic Dust to sell and Enchanting you can try to Enchant Scrolls with the Resilience to chest enchant and try selling them. Enchant three scrolls with it and put them on the AH, undercutting everyone else and see if they even sell before putting all your Hypnotic Dust into this basket.

- If Hypnotic Dust is really cheap on your server and it is right before a patch that is going to bring easy new gear to everyone (new justice point gear or honor gear) scoop up all the Hypnotic Dust for future enchants right after the patch.

In closing, at the end of every page you will notice a specific link that I provide to what I like to call a math page. This page will contain screenshots of all of the specific item that I sold to show people that it goes for the price I say that it does and it sells as well as I say it does. However, since Hypnotic Dust is slightly different there won't be many screenshots since it is more of an opportunistic market than anything. What I am trying to say is I don't buy from it on a daily basis, maybe more like weekly so it would take months to accumulate all of the screen shots of tons of sales.

Hypnotic Dust Math Page