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Infinite Dust

As many of you already know Infinite Dust was the dust added in WoTLK and thus is used in many different enchants throughout that expansion. This is one of my favorite items to buy and resell because a lot of people are still living in the past and have Wrath prices programmed into their head. Since Infinite Dust was dirt cheap towards the end of Wrath this makes it so easy to find great deals to profit off of on the Auction House. On my server I can get my Infinite Dust to sell from anywhere between 70 - 110g a stack, depending on how cluttered the market is at the time.

If you don't buy out any of the lower Infinite Dust then you will probably never have much on you to sell at once. Infinite Dust sells extremely fast, even if the market appears to be flooded with it someone still seems to gobble it all up at once. An example of a good deal that I sometimes see with Infinite Dust is below.

Knowing that I can 30 - 40 more gold a stack without even trying I boughtout everything in that picture above. Now since I bought out everything in that picture the only full stack still on the Auction House was a stack going for 150g. The rest of the Auction House was a bunch of singles going for roughly 3 to 5g a pop. As mentioned earlier, knowing that the only full stack on the Auction House was severly overpriced I put all of mine up in stacks of 20, knowing someone would jump at the opportunity.

Turns out I was right. Just a few hours later I managed to sell four stacks of Infinite Dust to someone that was too lazy to buy out all of the singles for cheaper. Now I didn't make all of my money back but I paid for right under 6 stacks by only selling four. Screen shot of my sales is below.

Infinite Dust always has some really wacky prices. I always see it up for half of what I can sell it for or double what I usually sell it for. Very rarely do I ever see it around the price I sell it at. Now you may ask, how do I know it doesn't sell for 150g a stack? Two reasons, one I watch the stacks rot off the Auction House at that price all the time. Two, when my stacks were the only ones on the Auction House I put them up for 145g and they didn't sell for the entire 48hrs they were on the Auction House.

If Infinite Dust is selling much faster and much better than Frostweave Cloth you can turn your Frostweave into Infinite Dust if you have Tailoring or a friend with Tailoring. More information on how to do this is in the section below.

Turning Frostweave Cloth Into Enchanting Materials

If you have an abundance of Frostweave Cloth that isn't selling but Infinite Dust or Greater Cosmic Essences are selling well on your server then you may want to look into converting some of your Frostweave to Enchanting Materials. In order to do this you will need to have Tailoring or find a friend that has Tailoring. The item you will want to be making is Duskweave Belts since they have the best DE table for the least amount of materials. Below are the materials you will need for making a Duskweave Belt.

Duskweave Belt


6 Bolts of Frostweave

1 Eternium Thread

In total you will need 30 Frostweave to make all of the Bolts required in order to make the Duskweave Belt. On average (on my server) that is 75g worth of Frostweave in order to make a single Duskweave Belt. Now since that is a lot of gold in Frostweave the chance of you making up for it in the Infinite Dust you will recieve is rather low. For this reason I don't really recommend doing this unless the Infinite Dust market is selling like hotcakes and is jacked up and the Frostweave Market is in the crapper. I have made the belts a few times with my Frostweave, just incase you were wondering.

That is the Disenchant table for the Duskweave Belts. Even though it says 5.5 Infinite Dust I have gotten up to 7 with a Disenchant, never more. This also was without the Bountiful Bags perk which means if you are in a guild that is level 23 or above you could have a chance at double the amount of Infinite Dust with each Disenchant. You will want to pray for Infinite Dust when Disenchanting these since Greater Cosmic Essences and Dream Shards don't sell for anymore than a few gold each.

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Frostweave Cloth Tips

- Never unload your Infinite Dust for a price lower then you know you can get

- If Infinite Dust is selling really well on your server make Duskweave Belts and Disenchant them

- Never Disenchant a green weapon from Northrend. Greater Cosmic Essences sell for less than the actual weapon would to a vendor

- If you have a lot of Infinite Dust don't put them all up in one size. Put a few stacks of 20 up, a few of 5 and a few singles

Infinite Dust Math Page