Large Brilliant Shards

Large Brilliant Shards are one of the few items that I recommend only farming and selling with my guide. I mean, of course if you see a great deal on Large Brilliant Shards, something where you could make a 20g profit go for it. But other then that these things will usually pile up in your inventory pretty quick if you don't undercut people on the Auction House every time you put them up. I've sold a ton of Large Brilliant Shards for 30g before so I have this thing where I don't like selling them for under that.

I actually recommend you aim for a set price on Large Brilliant Shards at first and if you get too many of them piling up in your inventory (25 or more with some on the Auction House) then you should start undercutting. Now you may already know from my other guides on Illusion Dust and Greater Eternal Essences there is a way to convert your Runecloth into level 60 Enchanting materials. This is however extremely inefficient for doing with Large Brilliant Shards since there is only a 5% chance to get a Large Brilliant Shard when Disenchanting a Runecloth Headband.

However, the one way to get rid of a massive amount of Enchanting materials still stays the same. Any Enchanter with one of two or even both unique patterns that enchant Heirloom gear can make bank by enchanting scrolls with them and putting them up on the Auction House. The one I usually always do is Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect which requires Thorium Brotherhood reputation in order to buy. More information on these enchants is below.

Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (Thorium Brotherhood - Revered)


6 Large Brilliant Shards

5 Greater Eternal Essences

20 Illusion Dust


Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (Drop)


6 Illusion Dust

2 Large Brilliant Shards

Those are both of the ways which you can unload your Large Brilliant Shards if you have a lot of them. Obviously they will take more then just Large Brilliant Shards in order to do those enchants, so don't waste your other materials if they are selling well on the Auction House and Large Brilliants aren't. If I have too many Large Brilliant Shards and I don't wanna farm LBRS and UBRS because I'll just get more shards while I am trying to get other materials to get rid of them, I will make Runecloth Headbands.

Runecloth Headbands are a great way to collect extra materials for these enchants without having to worry about getting Large Brills at the same time. Of course you shouldn't do this either unless Runecloth isn't selling too well on your server. Now there is actually a good medium to this, believe it or not. If you farm LBRS and take all the Runecloth you find, convert it into Runecloth Headbands and use all the other Enchanting materials you gather to make a few enchants. You will get much more basic Enchanting materials with this method and will be able to spend Large Brilliant Shards faster then you can earn them.

If you would like more information on Runecloth Headbands I have included all of the information you need to know about them below.

Large Brilliant Shards Farming

Runecloth Headband


6 Bolts of Runecloth

2 Rune Thread

That is all it takes in order to make the Runecloth Headband. The 6 Bolts of Runecloth will take 24 Runecloth in all to make, which is a really small investment for a shot at how much gold the DE table is worth on this baby. Illusion Dust goes for 17g each and you have a chance to get 2 of them, which would double how much you could sell the Runecloth stack for. 2 Greater Eternals would triple or even quadruple how much you could sell the Runecloth for and a Large Brilliant Shard would triple the price of the Runecloth stack. Below is a picture of the DE table.

There you go! Now you know everything there is to know about level 60 Enchanting materials! If you haven't already viewed my LBRS and UBRS farming guides I strongly suggest you do so now so you know all about farming Large Brilliant Shards. A link to the guide is provided below.

My Guide To Farming Large Brilliant Shards in LBRS/UBRS

Large Brilliant Shards Video

Large Brilliant Shard Tips

- If Large Brilliant Shards start piling up in your inventory, unload them for a cheaper price. This is one of few items I recommend doing this for

- If you have too many Large Brilliant Shards enchant scrolls with popular level 60 enchants and sell them on the Auction House.

- Don't buy Large Brilliant Shards from the Auction House unless they are dramatically underpriced.

- Note really a tip but... You will primairly be getting Large Brilliant Shards from farming LBRS/UBRS. They're not something you want to buy and resell.

Large Brilliant Shard Math Page