Items You Will Need Before Starting The 10k An Hour Path

All of these items are a must for you to stock up on and to make sure you have since these will be the ones you will be buying and reselling in extremely large amounts. At first you will want to stock up on every thing equally but once you learn what sells the best you will want to stock up on that more than the other items. It is extremely important that you listen to what I say for this part and collect all of these materials since it will give you a good baseline when it comes to materials.

Now as seen in the video I do this with multiple characters, but you won't need to, I only do it with multiple characters because I can. All you need is to leave a character parked at the Auction House another in Vashj'ir with Mining/Herb (Optional but HIGHLY recommended) and then with your other you will want to go from instance to instance farming. The only Tradeskills that matter are your Vashj'ir character and at least one character that can disenchant greens (Or you can find someone to do it for you, doesn't matter).

NOTE: After patch 5.0.4 and the changes to Scarlet Monastery you will no longer be farming Goldthorn for this guide. You can still, however buy it and resell it.

This is what you will be doing to start out the 10k an hour farming guide. Since this is the Set-up for the actual guide itself do not expect to make 10k doing this in a single hour.

Step 1 - Mine/Herb Vashj'ir

This is an extremely important step since it will help control multiple level 85 markets. If you are able to mine and herb at the same time then you will be able to have items in the Azshara's Veil, Stormvine, Volatile Life, Obsidium Ore, Volatile Earth, green gem and blue gem markets. I severely recommend having a character with both Mining and Herbalism for this very reason, I keep saying I know, it is getting redundant but the more items you can have on the Auction House in the more different markets the bigger your hourly income will be.

If you are actually capable of leaving a character logged out here with herbalism/mining you will notice the massive amount of gold you can make every hour with just logging him on once every 10 minutes and doing the circuit I have mapped out for you.

Log out at the X which I have marked on my map, it may be hard to see but the blue line goes through it and one of the red lines is connected to it. The blue line is the one I generally follow but the red line is what I use to sometimes alternate between the two. If you want to collect as many herbs as possible in a single run follow the red line where it is shown as well as back tracking to follow the blue line. Or, you can also go inbetween both of them. However, this is a bit tricky because if there is any server lag or lag on your side, the herbs and mines might not show on the minimap before you pass them which means you will just be flat out missing tons of herbs by going inbetween.

Just play with it the first few times you log a character off and farm here, try both of my different paths and then try going inbetween them to see what it does. To see what I mean watch my videos.

Almar's Vashj'ir Mining/Herbalism 10k an Hour Guide

Step 2 - Mining Thorium

Believe it or not Thorium is actually one of the best gold per hour items you will be farming with this entire guide. Not only do Thorium Bars sell extremely well you get at least 5 different types of gems, Truesilver Ore and Mithril Ore while farming for them. Not all of it will sell the first time you put it up on the Auction House, usually I get at least one item back because someone undercut the living crap out of it... However I never get stuck with an item for more than a day that comes from Thorium and regardless of undercutters I always get my base price.

You will want to fly around the zone you're mining Thorium in a few times, collect at least 150 Thorium Ore which you will want to smelt into bars at a later time before logging back on the Vashj'ir character and doing a quick cycle there.

Note: You want the cycle on the Vashj'ir character to end a little past the hour mark so you can start running instances immediately after finishing there.

Almar's Thorium 10k an Hour Guide

Step 2.5 - Vashj'ir

Log on your character in Vashj'ir and mine/herb everything.

Step 3 - Run Blackrock Spire (LBRS or UBRS)

Now that your instances have reset it is time to take your first character through LBRS or UBRS. It is very important that you open every single chest and disenchant every single item that you can. If you can buy or have a Blacksmith quickly make you keys so you can open the locked chests do so, or if you have a Rouge character that can easily solo LBRS or UBRS I highly recommend using that character for this. Being able to open the chests here will greatly increase your profits.

Also if you have skinning on what ever character you bring here you will open yourself up to two more markets ripe for picking, Thick Leather and Rugged Leather. On my server the Thick Leather market is crap but the Rugged Leather market has a tendency to sky rocket, especially on Horde if a lot of people are trying for their Venomhide Ravasaur Mount.

- Mail all Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, Large Brilliant Shards, Rugged Leather, Thick Leather and Runecloth to the auction character

Almar's 10k an Hour LBRS & UBRS Farming Guide

Step 3.5 - Vashj'ir

Log on your Vashj'ir Character and Mine/Herb everything.

Step 4 - Run Botanica

Botanica is the only instance you will be running in the Outlands for extra money. Here you mainly want Greater Planar Essences, Arcane Dust and Netherweave Cloth. Don't Disenchant the blues even if you can, they sell for more at a vendor than Large Prismatics do on the Auction House. Also if the character has Herbalism when you run Botanica you will be able to collect Netherbloom, Dreaming Glory, Felweed and Terocone as well as whatever else the last boss herbs into for you.

If you have enough room in your inventory after running this one time, run it again. I only recommend doing this because the instance portal is so close it makes it really easy to reset the instance and go on your way.

Almar's 10k an Hour Botanica Farming Guide

Step 4.5 - Vashj'ir

Log on your Vashj'ir Character and Mine/Herb everything along that path.

Step 5 - Utgarde Pinnacle

Clear all of Utgarde Pinnacle once or twice, depending on how much inventory space you have available after one run. Make sure to follow the exact path I do in the videos, Don't even bother wasting your time with the third boss and make sure to start clearing trash past the first boss as you wait for her animation to get done and for her to land to become attackable. Doing this will maximize your hourly profits from here. Also if you have skinning do not forget to skin the Worgs! Skinning them will give you Borean Leather and Arctic Fur which will open you up to two more markets!

After you're done running Utgarde Pinnacle mail all of your Infinite Dust, Greater Cosmic Essences, Borean Leather, Arctic Furs and Frostweave to your auctioneer character. If your inventory isn't very full after running Utgarde Pinnacle the first time, run it as many times as it takes to fill up your inventory.

Important Note: Don't Disenchant any green weapons that you find, just vendor them. Greater Cosmic Essences don't sell for very much at all, making it actually better to actually just vendor the green weapons then it would be to Disenchant them.

Almar's Utgarde Pinnacle 10k an Hour Farming Guide

Step 5.5 - Vashj'ir

Log on your Vashj'ir Character and Mine/Herb everything.

Step 6 - Auction House

This is the final and the most important step to starting out. The Auction House will be your sweet sweet love during this entire process and it will either give you love back or rip your heart out from your chest and crap all over it. Each item is different when it comes to the Auction House and you need to be either extremely aggressive or extremely submissive with each item. Since there are so many items to choose from with this guide I can't list all of them here, however I will provide a link to every single item you will be selling and a page which I have made to specifically and best explain that item.

You will want to visit each of these pages and read them thoroughly, make sure you know and understand what I am telling you to do and you're willing to listen to me 110%. The only things that will change with each guide from server to server are the prices. Regardless of what server you play on all the tricks, tips and elements such as those will always work. Here are all the items you will be finding that you will want to Auction House. Now they are in no particular order and only a handful of them you will want to search the Auction House for, for these items watch my videos.

Anyway, without further waiting here is a list of all the items you will be finding that you will want to Auction House.

Embersilk Cloth

Volatile Air

Volatile Fire

Volatile Water

Volatile Life

Volatile Earth

Netherweave Cloth


Mageweave Cloth

Silk Cloth

Thorium Bars

Mithril Bars

Blue Sapphire

Huge Emerald

Arcane Crystal

Star Ruby

Azerothian Diamond

Large Opal

Frostweave Cloth

Azshara's Veil


Obsidium Ore

Truesilver Bars

Illusion Dust

Greater Eternal Essence

Infinite Dust


Dreaming Glory



Rugged Leather

Thick Leather

Large Brilliant Shards

Greater Planar Essence

Greater Cosmic Essence

Borean Leather

Arctic Fur

Hypnotic Dust

Arcane Dust








Dream Emerald



Ember Topaz

Inferno Ruby

Ocean Sapphire