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Ring of Scale Leveling Guide

           It's a common trend in Everquest during the later expansions for people who are just starting out to be overwhelmed by all of the changes in the game and how much progress they have to make in order to catch up. Luckily though it doesn't take nearly as long for you to do the lower levels anymore and with the addition of Mercenaries and Defiant gear you'll breeze through these levels really quickly.

           You can also drastically increase the speed of which you level by making sure your account is gold (meaning you're subscribed to the game) and also by playing more than 1 account at a time; something commonly refered to as boxing. Boxing can be a rather controversial topic in Everquest since many people dislike that it gives you an advantage over other players. It's just like every other hobby - the more time and money you're willing to invest into it the more you'll get out of it.

           I strongly feel that boxing is the best way to enjoy Everquest. If this is something that interests you please check out my guide for getting started as a new boxer. Regardless of your decision to box or not the following guide assumes that you're just a solo player with a Journeyman Tank Mercenary.

           Although my guide assumes you aren't Free to Play you can still use them if you are. Just instead of leaving each level location at the levels I suggest you may want to stay there a level or two longer since your merc is weaker. With the release of The Serpents Spine most players start out in Crescent Reach, which is where this new leveling guide will start us.

           Follow the link below to be taken to a more indepth guide about each location for that level range.

(Fastest) Crescent Reach
(Easiest) Crushbone
(Most Money) Paludal Caverns

15 - 35 Blightfire Moors // Gorukar Mesa
15 - 25 Paludal Caverns (Most Money)
10 - 30 Unrest (Weakest Mobs)
20 - 35 Castle Mistmoore

35 - 50 City of Mist
30 - 45 Gorukar Mesa
30 - 50 Lower Guk
45 - 55 Nagafen's Lair
46 - 60 Old Sebilis
46 - 60 Chardok
35 - 55 Ocean of Tears (Weakest Mobs)
45 - 55 Dulak's Harbor


           That just about covers it for all the locations 1 - 50! The next batch of locations are going to be a bit tougher for you and you should check The Bazaar for any gear that's available for you to use as well as turn on your Auto Grant AAs which you can find in the AA window in the top right. All of these locations should be easily possible as 1 character and a Mercenary.

           If you can't Autogrant AAs along the way you'll need to stop and grind them otherwise progression will get really hard later. Levels being more important than AAs "always" is complete nonsense at this point in the game, without at least the most important AAs for your class you'll end up getting rolled. Luckily though, as far as I understand it, autogrant AAs should always be a part of Everquest now even on Special Ruleset servers.

RoS Leveling Guide 50 - 80

           The next few locations are mostly going to be focused on providing you with a decent amount of platinum from both vendor loot as well as raw plat drops. You should have been able to hodge-podge together a set of Defiant gear from mob drops by this point.. but we're going to need more.

           Gearing your character is going to become extremely important over these next 10 - 20 levels. I want you to understand that getting platinum for gear and to pay for your Mercenary is just as important as getting experience for levels at this point. We're not going to be able to depend entirely on our Tank merc anymore so it's important that your character can start holding their own.

50 - 60 Old Sebilis
50 - 60 Chardok
55 - 70 Crypt of Decay (Boxer/Group; Undead Enemies)
50 - 60 Veksar (Harder Difficulty; Undead Enemies)
55 - 60 Howling Stones (Boxer/Group Only)
50 - 65 Grieg's End
50 - 63 Acrylia Caverns (Best EXP/Worst Money)
50 - 60 Siren's Grotto (Best Money/Slightly Annoying Zone)

60 - 70 Plane of Fire
65 - 70 Wall of Slaughter
60 - 70 Crypt of Decay (Boxer/Group; Social)
60 - 65 Siren's Grotto (Best Money/Lowest EXP)
60 - 65 Dragon Necropolis (Boxer/Group; Decent Vendor Trash; Antisocial)

70 - 80 Dragonscale Hills
70 - 80 Riftseeker's Sanctum (Boxer/Group)
70 - 80 Muramite Proving Grounds (Boxer/Group)
70 - 80 Icefall Glacier
70 - 80 Direwind Cliffs

RoS Leveling Guide 80 - 100

           Now is when it starts to get much tougher! You'll need to value gear just as much as you value experience from now on. Hopefully I don't have to go into massive detail and explain how important gear is in EQ to you - but basically if you keep running around in defiant at this point you're not going to get anywhere.

           Heroic Stats come into play from now on and play a large role in the future progression of your character. Armor class is still extremely important and if you're someone whose taking hits from enemies at all you should put some focus into increasing yours with each gear upgrade.

           Once you reach level 70 you'll be able to group with players who are level 100, the current max level. The equation to tell if you can group with another player is half your level + 1; with a maximum difference of 30 levels. During the Rain of Fear expansion with level 100 being the new cap it's important you start remembering the 30 level maximum limit between group members.

80-85 Oceangreen Hills (If Solo) // Loping Plains Worgs (If Boxer/LFG)
80 - 90 Old Commonlands (Antisocial)
80 - 85 Field of Scale
80 - 85 Oceangreen Village
80 - 85 Katta Castrum (Relatively Weak enemies)
80 - 90 Fortress Mechanotus
80 - 90 Gyrospire Beza
80 - 90 Gyrospire Zeka

85 - 95 House of Thule, Lower Floors // The Grounds (100)
85 - 95 Feerrott, The Dream (Headshot, Decap, Assassinate enemies)
85 - 90 Toskirakk
85 - 95 Kaesora Library
85 - 90 Korascian Warrens
90 - 100 Valley of Lunanyn (Headshot, Decap, Assassinate enemies)
90 - 100 Beast's Domain
85 - 95 Rathe Council Chambers (Antisocial)
90 - 95 Erudin Burning (EXP Tasks + Decap/Assassinate enemies)

           Depending on what class you are, how good your gear is, how many AAs you have and whether or not you're boxing determines where you should go to level up at next. If you're not boxing or able to group with other players from here on out things are going to start getting pretty tough for you.

           If you haven't already now is one of the best times for you to gear up through The Bazaar. Unless your server is extremely low population you should be able to get at least half a set of VoA/RoF gear which will greatly assist you in the levels to come.

           One thing Solo players will want to keep in mind is there's an NPC in PoK nearby the Guild Lobby entrance named Franklin Teek. This guy offers daily quests which require you to do some killing in Hotzones which'll give you a nice break from all of your daily grinds for EXP.

95 - 100 Shard's Landing (Relatively Weak + Normal Enemies)
93 - 100 Valley of Lunanyn
93 - 100 Beast's Domain
95 - 105 Grelleth's Palace (Field Killing/Groups and Boxers only)
95 - 105 Evantil The Vile Oak (Field Killing/Groups and Boxers only)
95 - 105 Valley of King Xorbb (Groups and Boxers only)
95 - 105 Chelsith Reborn (Groups and Boxers only)
95 - 105 Heart of Fear (Most Antisocial Groups/Boxers only)
95 - 105 Dead Hills Heroic Adventures (Gribbles' tasks Group/Boxers only)
95 - 105 Ethernere West Karana (Field Killing + Relatively Weak enemies)


RoS 100 - 105 Locations

The locations in this section will include everything added in TDS. Keep in mind that TDS is an expansion that requires flagging to enter basically every single zone. There's only 3 zones you can do that don't require any flagging, Katta Castrum, Tempest Temple and Brother's Island.

If you don't feel like flagging, RoF/CoTF zones still offer some great EXP for this level range - try some of my 95 - 100 locations!

Katta Castrum: Deluge (Field Killing) Social - This is the entry TDS zone. This zone is pretty easy for smaller/weaker groups but not the best for solo players without much gear or experience. There's some relatively weak enemies in Tempest Temple if you can't handle regular enemies your level - alternatively if you're that ungeared/AA'd I'd recommend you stick to an older zone during this level range anyway.

Tempest Temple Goblins (Field Killing) Moderately Social - This location is great for those who would like to fight harder mobs than what are offered in the CoTF T1 zones and want something a bit different than the bland T2 zones CoTF offers. Tempest Temple, Brother Island and Katta Castrum in TDS require no flags. This camp is on the western side of Tempest Temple (opposite of the boat to Brother Island) and is really great for field killing. There is a "druid circle" that is an object on the ground on the western side of the large central island. This is where I usually camp and pull to. There is a collection set that drops off of the mobs here and they also drop other decent loot such as Relic Fragments and all TDS mobs have a rare chance to drop Briny Essences. Nameds drop them commonly.

Brother Island (Field Killing) Moderately Social - This location is pretty popular for people who don't want to do any flagging in TDS but want to fight mobs that are 102 - 105. The rare drop from this zone in TDS is Purity of Chastity. It is a 30 purity aug that has a chance of dropping off of any named in the zone. Much like the Power Sources for all the other TDS zones. One of the best nameds to camp on Brother Island is Lidia the Castaway, she drops a HAGI Aug, Token of the Waveswept as well as Briny essences.

Caverns of Endless Song (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This camp is a bit of a pain in the ass even if you roll in here with a full 6 box. There are a lot of mobs around and they all have a ton of health and some of them have annoying abilities (like mez). The reason I mention this camp though is because of the caster aug that this guy drops, Old Spirespine's Spine. Plus, he has a chance of dropping the caster Power Source Ocean Purification Stone which is a random drop off nameds in this zone. The last thing of interest here is of course, Briny essences.

Degmar Commander (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - The aug he drops isn't that good but you may be interested in it depending on what you have, it's one that almost everyone can find useful especially if you still have crappy ones from hotzones in pieces of gear. This location isn't too bad and you could handle it on a group of 103s or so with the proper CC and a decent tank. If you have good geared 105s you should be able to handle this room + the one behind it with Horthin Blackbook.

Thulisaur Island (Field) Antisocial - This is a great camp if you don't want to be all cooped up inside the temple area, which is the other camp I recommend for Thulisaur. This one you can park safely on the side of just about any mountain where mobs don't roam and pull to here. It makes it great for AFK breaks since there is a safe spot nearby. You don't get that leisure everywhere! Reginasaur is camped for his Reginasaur's Tooth, Briny essences, as well as the random named zone drop, Thaell Ew Totem.

Thulisaur Island (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This guy is tucked away all the way up in the top right corner of the pyramid area and the reason I am mentioning him is because sometimes I enjoy camps where I am fighting humanoids instead of beasts. The loot tables are usually different and also it's definitely a change of scenery in here! The only thing worth hunting at this camp for is the random named zone drop, Thaell Ew Totem and Briny essences if you're after them.

Combine Dredge Franchesca the Feared (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This named drops one of the good heroic stam augs for tanks in TDS. It is prestige, as are all TDS augs. This camp is quite difficult, honestly I found it harder than almost all T1 TBM. You'll need a good healer, good tank and CC if you want to do this on 6 or less. This camp is honestly really annoying for boxers because there are hills and walls everywhere and there isn't really any safe spot. As well as the Fragment of Tenacity Hstam Aug that drops here you can also find the Tank Power Source, Geomantic Steelstone ontop of the usual, Briny essences.

Combine Dredge Necromaticus Abominatio (Semi-Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - Safe spot to pull to in the mining area. Lots of mobs to kill and the pulling is very easy. This is one of the easier camps in the zone if you are after the Power Source that drops here, Geomantic Steelstone or Briny essences. The rest of his loot you will probably find to be junk however.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life Glorious Cistina (Semi-Dungeon Crawl) Semi-social - One of the nameds that drops an aug in the Demiplane of Life is Glorious Cistina. She is located in the northwestern most building of the zone. I find that the best place to camp her is usually by pulling all of the mobs out of the building or heading into the second floor of the building and pulling them to the balcony. The balcony is safe as are a few spots out front.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life Vizier Albert (Field) Semi-social - Probably the best named in the Demiplane of life to camp primarily because of the aug he drops. It's a heroic stam aug with AC on it + hp/mana/end so it makes it quite useful for pretty much any class and it isn't prestige which means if you have a box and usually let him go silver, you'll still benefit! Definitely worth hitting up this guy for a few augs!! What I usually do is camp behind the large building in the Demiplane of life and pull everything out to this location. It's safe here.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life Guardian Jenat (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This Named drops a non prestige melee aug which is useful for anyone with melee boxes which remain Free to Play.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay Remnants of the Darkseer (Dungeon Crawl) Social - This is one of the Heroic Dex non prestige augs in TBM. As you could imagine for this reason it is pretty saught after by quite a number of classes. If you're one that's after it, this is a camp you'll want to hit up. How this camp works is there are 3 different floors once you reach the bottom of the center of the zone. Click on the giant statue in the middle to reveal a hidden staircase and you can go down two more floors from there. An assistant to the Darkseer spawns on each floor. There are a few safe spots that are safe on each floor for you to setup camp and afk if you need to bio.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay Master of the House (Field Killing) Social - This guy drops a 2H aug. If you can't get the one from Plane of War then this is a decent alternative. I am not sure what was added in EoK but I know people still use this aug quite frequently. I am mentioning this camp primarily because of the aug, however you may find it to be an annoying camp as most of the time you're going to be pulling mobs out of buildings which will mean constantly opening and closing doors.

Crypt of Sul Bokon Revel the Reborn (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of my favorite Crypt of Sul camps since it's easy to get to and the named doesn't do anything fancy. Also the named drops one awesome aug, Rationalist's Sigil, that is great for Clerics, Druids, Shamans, Tanks - really any one that holds a shield. Also despite the restrictions of the T2 TBM zone (lowering your health/mana/end) this camp actually isn't too bad. As I said before the named doesn't really do anything difficult and also the camp is literally right around the corner from the entrance.

Crypt of Sul The Watcher (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of the hardest camps of Crypt of Sul imo and will take a well coordinated player or group to handle. This guy is in a giant room with a lot of mobs that run around it almost at random. Clearing the room will take an extremely good group in both gear and skill. Pulling the named out of the room will just take one really good player. You can choose whichever is easier for your playstyle. The whole point of this camp though is if you are a pet class or have one in your group. This named drops an awesome Enhanced Minion earring, Shade's Phase.

Crypt of Decay Brightfire (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - One of the tier 2 TBM zones is a revamped version of Crypt of Decay. In the basement area of that zone one of the nameds you'll find is Brightfire. He is saught after for his Heroic Dex aug, Sickly Distended Horseshoe. The named himself is nothing fancy but there is something you should keep in mind about this zone. All of the nameds down here have to be kept in their "corner" live mobs can't cross into dead areas and dead mobs can't cross into live areas. They'll immediately break from agro with you.

Crypt of Decay Akkapan Adan (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of my favorite camps in both the regular CoD and this one. The rats don't really have a safe spot but there are so many around that you never run out of them to pull. It makes the area quite fun! The named we're killing here drops a Heroic Wis/Int aug, Rummager's Bauble. And as with all the other augs in TBM it is non prestige meaning you can use it even as Free to Play!


RoS Leveling Locations 105 - 110

These locations will exclusively cover EoK and RoS zones. You can still get EXP in TBM, TDS or even RoF zones at this point and if you're unable to handle EoK or RoS content I would highly recommend you do so. If the locations mentioned in this part of the guide are too tough for you I recommend you use my RoF or TDS leveling guides to pick out an alternative, easier, location.


**Note - I will be adding much more detail to this location but you'll need to give me a wee lil bit more time to actually explore RoS and more of EoK myself.


Lceanium (Field Killing) Social - This is the entry zone in Empires of Kunark and one of the easiest locations for you to hunt in this expansion pack! This location is good for players between the levels of 105 - 109 and has multiple locations to group regardless of your group size.

Scorched Woods (Field Killing) Social - This is another easy zone for the EoK expansion pack and much like the original Burning Woods that this zone was based off of there's tons of different camps to hunt at! My guide covers two aug camps as well as a really easy solo camp for those unable to find a group or boxing small numbers.













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