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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Dragon Necropolis

Upper Dragon Necropolis

Dragon Necropolis is one of the few really good zones for players 55 - 65; especially if you're a boxer. The whole top of DN is extremely easy with phase spiders spaced far enough out that you don't really have to worry about getting too many mobs with one pull. There is one enemy you'll want to avoid entirely though at the entrance of DN and that's the mercenary excavators you find here.

a mercenary excavator

These guys were added into Dragon Necropolis at a later date and they hit probably 4x as hard as any of the other enemies we're going to be facing in this zone. Trust me - STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!!

The best place to grind in Dragon Necropolis is down in the Chetari area which can be reached easily by a tunnel on the eastern side of the zone, marked on the map above. If you're below level 60 this area may be a bit too tough for you unless you really take your time and med up between each fight. Don't kamikaze down into the tunnels without first clearing out some of the pathers.

Many enemies patrol the tunnel area and they all run when low on health so it's very easy to get overwhelmed if you're not paying attention or being careful. Additionally while in the tunnels you have to watch out for traps which can spawn 10 or so pretty weak beetles ontop of you. They shouldn't be an issue for you unless you hit a trap in the middle of a battle - then things can go sideways quick!

Chetari Tunnels Dragon Necropolis



Additional Information

- The fastest way here is by taking the Guild Hall Cobalt Scar portal.

- The raid boss Zlandicar is found in this zone.

Dragon Necropolis Allakhazam Zone Information

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