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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Chardok

           This covers the entrance area and some of the lowest level mobs in Chardok. All around the top of Chardok the mobs are fairly easy, on the map above the "easy" part would be everything above The Bridge Keeper. Once you start getting further south into the Interrogator's camp the mobs start getting a bit harder.

           If the mobs up top are a bit too easy for you I recommend you go into the tunnels, which is shown in the picture below rather than anywhere else in the zone. The tunnels have mobs which are much more spaced out and the margin for error is much greater than it is if you venture into the royals area.

           I recommend you clear around Overseer Dal'guur, Underboss Myli'ki and Foreman Mirt'akk on the map above. These will be the easier areas of the tunnels and will let you safely get some EXP. If you wanna take some risks then clear around Kennel Master Al'ele and Deathfang.

           The area around Deathfang is extremely densely populated so you're going to have a pretty tough time there if you're not well prepared. Small boxers or anyone that's well enough geared and actually helping their merc kill rather than depending on them *should* be able to handle this area.



Additional Information

- This zone was remade and rereleased during the EoK expansion - this guide is for the Chardok off Burning Woods on Kunark.

Chardok Allakhazam Zone Information

Chardok Zone Information for TLPs
















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