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Post Mercenary Leveling - Goru'kar Mesa

Gorukar Mesa Leveling Locations

Goru'kar Mesa is a great place to go from 30 - 35 right after finishing Blightfire Moors. I don't really recommend staying in this zone much longer since it's not the best money; you could however stay in Goru'kar Mesa all the way until almost level 50 if plat isn't a major concern of yours.

If you've got a Journeyman tank mercenary he'll be able to solo all of the mobs you come across in this zone. If they're red just make sure you only pull one at a time as to not overwhelm your tank merc. Once they con even or dark blue he can usually handle two or three at a time with minimal help.


In the 33 - 37 area you'll want to be careful since all of the animals are social with one another; meaning if you pull one his nearby friends will usually come. You'll also want to avoid the alpha animals as they're much more powerful than the others.

If you decide to stick things out in Gorukar Mesa after the animals travel northeast to the next area on my map which is full of snakes. These guys cast a nasty poison DoT on your tank merc which significantly slows down the speed you can kill. There's much better places than here to level up but this location definitely is doable for those who don't wanna waste time traveling.



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Goru'kar Mesa Allakhazam Zone Information

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