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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Paludal Caverns

Depending on what level you are when coming to Paludal Caverns determines where you should enter the zone from.

If you're below level 15: Take the PoK Shar Vahl stone to Shadeweaver's Thicket. Travel north to Paludal Caverns and enter from here. You'll come in at the area on the map shown in the picture below. There are mushroom enemies, beetles and Phlargs for you to kill on this side of the zone. ((Scroll down for more information about this part of the zone))

If you're above level 15: Take the PoK stone to The Nexus and travel to Shadow Haven. Use Find if you need to navigate through this zone to the Paludal Caverns zone line. You'll enter PC by the first recondite bandit camp which is where we're going to be leveling.

Aside from where you see "Base 1" on the map above you can also find more recondites to kill at "Base 2" which is to the north of the first camp. Base 1 is much easier than Base 2 so if that camp is open I recommend that one. Plus it's by the zone line!

The camp may be too hard for you if you don't split the mobs properly so take your time when you first arrive - after the camp is broken up things shouldn't be too difficult for you. The recondites drop a ton of vendor trash as well as a bunch of raw plat which makes this one of the better places for both EXP and money in this level range.

Paludal Caverns Phlarg Fiends

The mushrooms, beetles and phlargs won't pose much of a challenge for anyone level 5+ with a mercenary. You'll want to slaughter your way through this zone traveling north towards where you see "Phlarg Camp" on the map. The closer you get to the Phlarg camp the harder the enemies will be.

You should be able to handle the Phlarg's without much difficulty once you reach level 12 or 13.


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