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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - City of Mist

City of Mist Leveling Guide

           City of Mist is the main location I recommend for this level range because of the amount of plat that can be made here. Plat is extremely important during these levels because you need as much defiant gear as possible so you can start being of more use to your mercenary.

           Right now if you've been following my instructions and using a Tank mercenary it is literally easier to let the tank merc kill the mob as you sit there and do nothing but watch. If you get in there and fight the mob during this level range without and heals you bite the dust pretty fast. If you use a healer merc though, they bite the dust fast since you can't keep agro!

So, there's the conundrum basically.


           Starting at level 65+ you should expect the mercenary to take a more supportive role while you level. This means your character is going to need the gear to survive. My point is - make sure you loot everything you can, gems are most important as well as anything else that vendors for a lot. Plat is as important as EXP, I can't stress this enough!


           As for the monster in City of Mist - stick around the entrance if you're undergeared and lower level. Cautiously move in as you level up. There aren't any safe locations so you're just going to have to pace yourself. Every few fights try to take a few hits to help raise your defense and while you're merc is doing all the work don't forget to raise your magics.


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City of Mist Original Almar's EQ Leveling Guide
This guide may contain errors or inaccuracies since the game has changed a lot since I wrote it.
It also contains a lot of information not found on this page about the zone and the mobs in it.

















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