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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Veksar


Veksar is another location that's good for players 45 - 60. There are tons of mobs in this zone since it has such a wide level spread and they hit much harder than you would expect for other mobs on the Kunark continent. The reason for this is Veksar was actually added in LoY rather than in Kunark so you should expect the mobs to be on par with PoP mobs for difficulty.

The Goblins at the zone in are the easiest mobs in the entire zone and you should hang out in this area until the 50s. Move further in only once you're prepared and you should expect pulls of 2 or 3 maybe even 4 or 5 in some of the extreme cases. The closer you get to level 60 the weaker your tank merc will become as well so it's important that while you're here you start helping your merc kill the enemies as much as possible.

What I mean is until now it was easy to just sit back and watch the Tank Merc do all the heavy lifting. If you're still playing like this you're going to need to gradually shift into actually playing now as things start ramping up in difficulty.

As with many of the other zones recommended for this level range, Veksar is a fantastic place to increase the size of your wallet while you level up. The loot the nameds drop here may be useless to you but it vendors for a couple hundred plat so you'll want to grab it anyway.

Loot all the gems you come across and as much of the stackable vendor trash you can hold. We need the plat!!



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