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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Ocean of Tears

Ocean of Tears was one of the largest zones in the original release of Everquest. The zone is separated into many different islands - each covering a different level range and usually housing different monsters than the last. This guide is only going to cover two islands of Ocean of Tears, the Cyclops aka Seafuries isle as well as the Elite Goblin Isle.

The Seafury isle, also known as Cyclops isle is a great place for those whom are 35+. The Cyclops don't hit very hard at all and have pretty low health since they're an original Everquest enemy. That means they're extremely toned down from what we're used to now!

The Cyclops drop a ton of gems and other vendor trash and then you have Gornit; a hill giant that also patrols the island which drops raw plat just like any other hill giant. The cyclops on this island can take you all the way to level 46 before they really start to slow down.

The only enemy you really have to watch out for on the Cyclops island is Quag Maelstrom, a named Cyclops which drains the mana of any target it's attacking. He'll OOM you within a minute which makes him a total nightmare for any caster.

Once you reach 46 you can either keep fighting the Cyclops or move on to the Elite Goblin Island which is to the <<south>????.



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