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Today I have started the newest and biggest guide yet, a complete 1 - 105 walkthrough for Everquest!

This is still a giant work in progress, I haven't touched 100 - 105 yet and there is a lot more information/data i am going to be adding to everything. It feels great to be back and writing guides again though. Hopefully for the summer of 2016 I pump out hundreds of guides.

It may be to soon to say, im back baby.


Happy belated new years everyone!


I wanted to post a real update this time, its been awhile since all of the drama and shit on Lockjaw. Thankfully most of the assholes are gone and Phinigel is the official home of the assholes in Everquest. It's nice to finally find peace and quiet in the game I have loved for all these years.

Since I started on the TLPs it has been a mad rush to catch up/get my box team where it needs to be and mixing that with work has been overwhelming. Luckily everything is starting to mellow out now and I think within the next few months, most likely by summer time 2016 I am going to be able to actively start updating again. People have given me feedback on my website over this past year about little minor things that need to be tweaked and this summer I plan to crack down on all of the things I left out from my last binge on the TLPs writing guides.

Being such a big boxer now versus before where I was just one Druid I am able to toy with a lot more shit on my own instead of having to ask people to waste their time to come help me write a guide. You should expect a lot from me this coming summer - raid guides, tradeskill guides etc etc. Once I get the ball rolling on Lockjaw and start raiding really nothing is going to stop me.

Also for all of you casuals out there that remember my idea for a guild involving showing people raid content who normally wouldn't have the time to do it, that'll be happening sometime in 2016. I'm sorry for the wait and the super long delay but selfish assholes hindered the entire process and I was forced to level/gear a lot of characters to counter it. As time goes on and preparation draws to a close action can finally start happening. I look forward to sharing the wonderful world of Everquest with as many of you in the future as possible.

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