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I have decided to add a new section to my website for Everquest specifically made to point out people who deliberately go out of their way to ruin the enjoyment of others. It is called People who are not nice.

Due to the toxic environment of the TLPs I have decided to make a section that screenshots/shows people who deliberately go out of their way to ruin the play experience of other players whether it be in game or on the forums. This section is going to be filled with nothing but pure hatred from other players and is meant to publically display people who you should avoid at all costs. If your name is in this section you deserve to be in there. It is reserved ONLY for people who went out of their way to try and ruin the enjoyment of another player without initially being provoked by that other player.

As my guild tag states <I'll Be Nice If You Are> people will only end up in this section if they were the ones who provoked/started the negative behaviour. Anyone defending themselves will not be in here, again, only those players who intentionally tried to or successfully ruined the enjoyment of the game for someone else will be seen in here.

The reason I am making this section is because enough is enough. This is an online video game we all play for fun. Your behaviour fucking sickens me and if no one else is going to do anything about it I am. Until you stop acting like a child your posts/messages will not be removed from this section.

To see them removed I require you to prove you were provoked prior to ending up here or issue an apology to whomever you insulted/went out of your way to make feel like shit. There are a few different people that this section was made for, two threads really grabbed my attention and sickened me because of the behaviour displayed in them they are:


8/20 Modest Men breaks rotation - The behaviour in this thread is a prime example of why people don't want to join the top end guilds on the server. I haven't seen adults act like such children since I played WoW. This is something I would expect to see in High School not in a video game.

A picture is worth a thousand words - This thread was created for no other purpose than insulting a group of players (boxers) which seems to be an ongoing theme on the progression servers.

Lockjaw Trade Sanctions - While his intentions were pure, this is NOT the way to go about improving the server. All this is doing is creating more drama, more fighting and making an already terrible rotation idea even worse. You can't improve something by mistreating people, the only way to improve something is with positive actions.





May Update

As many of you know, I have been around for years, I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary for two whole years! Well, I have been thinking recently, most of you know why, Ragefire. If you don't know let me get you started:

This update and all future updates I think will be in regards to this server entirely. Before this server was announced Almar's Guides was pretty much an abandoned project as it just wasn't financially viable. The game I got the most attention for was Everquest, it was always Everquest I enjoyed writing guides for and actually kinda started writing guides for. This game is complex and I like explaining it to the average folks so they can enjoy it too.


I think I am going to start doing that again.


I am about 90% invested into this project but all of the tells I have gotten in game on Almar have really swayed me toward a full 100%. I mean really guys, all the love is much appreciated. If I honestly start writing guides again you would have single handedly pulled the website back from the brink of its death. Also, this would be the last hoorah for me so to speak. I'll most likely only ever do Everquest 1 and this progression server(s). I started writing guides because I thought it was going to be financially viable, it wasn't. It still isn't, it is up because I know how much it means to everyone and this server is huge.

Not without a putting in a ton more work than I wanted. I only had fun writing them in one game, EQ. There are a few things I want to do/am going to do if I come back.

1. I would like someone out there who is good at designing shit to make me a banner and some buttons strictly related to Everquest. Same sizes are a must as what is displayed up there. If you're smart enough to figure out the sizes and make them for me without asking me what the sizes are you're the guy I am looking for!

2. I am going to make guides for you on Everquest, no other games. In fact I would like to take down all my buttons and have them remade to each Expansion and I could spend time seperating and creating guides for each release.

3. I will tediously go through each guide and update them accordingly.

4. All old guides for all old games can and will still be accessable through a button, ill probably just mash them all together. Most of their traffic is google searches anyway and If I plan to go all EQ, yolo as the kids say.

5. I will create a leveling guide for each era, update tradeskill guides and create leveling locations probably before each expansion is released.

Like I said, I am going to be doing this for fun, not for profit because my website doesn't really even make me much anymore. You silly guys and your adblock you never unblock anyone's ads. Websites like Allakhazam and I think even Eqresource run on that. Even though Alla's has their premium membership. I can see within 10 years adblock is just gonna be built into every damn thing. You won't even be able to get an ad pop up on a damn porn website with internet explorer. Shit's gonna be nuts.

And I figure unless Daybreak makes campaigns really cool, what is left in it for EQ? Everyone is here, this server restabilized the entire economy of Everquest. We're all in it until at least GoD like always. Then we're done and what's next? Campaigns and stuff? Death?

If there's a PoP locked server.. Well. *sunglasses emoji*

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