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SoD Leveling Guide - Oceangreen Hills

Oceangreen Hills is the entry zone for the Seeds of Destruction expansion. In the far northeastern corner of the zone you'll find a castle currently being besieged by undead. Inside the castle you can speak with different NPCs for a wide variety of different tasks that take place throughout the zone. They'll give EXP and Chronobines which are the alternative group currency for this X-pac.

Basically if you can handle the regular mobs in this zone solo or with your mercenary you should do the tasks that are given to you by the NPCs up at this castle. If you can't handle the regular enemies then you should slaughter all the relatively weak mobs you come across while you LFG or ask groups kindly for their rots.

There is a zone just to the south of Oceangreen Hills called Oceangreen Village. The zone is basically just a continuation of this one but it offers you an additional opportunity to LFG and ask around for any items that are rotting. Additionally if you can do the Blackburrow key quest you'll be able to check that zone for any rots/LFG there as well!



Additional Information

- In order to reach this zone you'll need to go through The Void which can be reached from Plane of Time. There's two easy ways to reach Plane of Time, the Guild Hall portal or a Wizard/Druid. Or you could speak with the NPC in PoK that ports you here, Herald of Druzzil Ro. He's found east of the small bank but before the Soul Binder.

- There is a reward for completing every single quest in the Oceangreen Hills/Village area, an extremely powerful augmentation for this level range called Bayle's Heraldic Crest. For more information on the quest itself check the Allakhazam Bayle's Heraldic Quest Guide.


Some of the Worthwhile Loot:


Sunshard OreSunshard Ore

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Battle Fractured DiamondBattle Fractured Diamond

Cabilisian DiamondCabilisian Diamond





Chronal Resonance DustChronal Resonance Dust












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