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Post Mercenary Leveling Guide - Riftseeker's Sanctum

Riftseekers Sanctum First Floor

Riftseeker's Sanctum is one of the largest zones added in Omens of War and has dozens of different areas for you to camp as well as multiple different raid bosses which can be found in zone. One is located at the tippy top of the zone, another at the very bottom and two more in rooms just off the stairwells leading to the top and bottom.

The first floor of Riftseeker's is fairly safe for hunting since the zone out is in the middle of the room. Also the entire area around in the zone in/out is safe from enemies unless someone trains you or pulls mobs over into this area.

If you're here solo/with a mercenary I recommend you stay on the first floor where it's safest. Those who are boxing more than one character or with a group should be strong enough to venture around the zone. It's extremely important though that you take your time and go slow - the mobs here are actually rather difficult.

Riftseekers Sanctum Second Floor
Second floor of Riftseeker's Sanctum

As you can see on the map above you have a few different nameds to choose from if you come up here. On the map above, Chailak and Queen Pyrilonis are both the raid targets you'll want to avoid. The rest of the names in red that you see are group level nameds.

Ruiner Isaka

Companion Prefect

Elite Aneuk Miseryfiend

Balancer Relik

Pyrilen Riftseeker

Pyrilen Summoner

Pyrilen Researcher

That's a list of all the different nameds you'll encounter in the upper floors of Riftseeker's Sanctum. The enemies here have a very large agro radius which makes finding an actual 'safe' group location nearly impossible. Your best bet for a safe location is in the hallways, not as many enemies roam through them as the rooms.

Riftseekers Sanctum Lower Floors

Now, as for the lower floors of Riftseeker's Sanctum you'll have basically an equal amount of nameds to kill as well as two raid bosses to avoid. On the map above the names Feratha and King Gelaqua are the raid bosses which you'll be avoiding. The rest of the names are group level named enemies.

Girplan Shardtender

Frostkeeper Rybah


Discordling Shardmender


Girplan Stonesinger

Gelidran Frostformer

Gelidran Conjurer

Gelidran Icekeeper

That's basically all there is to Riftseeker's Sanctum! While killing here I strongly recommend you save the Pyrilen Flames you come across as they're used for Artisan's Prize - an extremely good aug which is introduced into the game sometime around the TBM era.


Additional Information

- There is a zone wide Hotzone aug that drops from here, Frozen Pyrilen Eye.

- Hang onto any Pyrilen Flames you find. They're very valuable since they're so rare and used for Artisan's Prize.

Riftseeker's Sanctum Allakhazam Zone Information

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