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Almar's World of Warcraft Leveling Guides

These leveling guides are only relevant for WoW Classic - Cataclysm servers; once Cataclysm comes out it revamps the entire old world and makes these guides irrelevant. I know that many of these leveling guides look dated, they were some of the first guides that I ever wrote...

However they contain arguably the best leveling route possible for Classic, Outlands and WoTLK. I had a better /played time than many of the people who were selling Leveling Guides during this time. As you can see from the screenshot below my leveling time 1 - 60 was -- 2 days 5 hours. I didn't do it on a "new" server so I never got the same fame that people like Joana did ..... But my route's the fastest so, I got that going for me which is nice.

World record 60

Orc & Troll Durotar (1-10)

Tauren Mulgore (1-10)

Undead Tirisfal Glades (1-10)


CrossRoads in Barrens (10 - 15)

Stonetalon (15-16)

Different Zones (16-16)

The Barrens (16-18)

Stonetalon Mountains (18-20)

The Barrens (20-21)

Hillsbrad Foothills (21-23)

Ashenvale (23-25)

Stonetalon Mountains 25-26)

Southern Barrens (26-27)

Thousand Needles (27-29)

Hillsbrad Foothills/Tarren Mill (29-30)

Shimmering Flats (30-31)

Stranglethorn Vale (31-32)

Arathi Highlands (32-32)

Tarren Mill (32-33)

Desolace (33-35)

Stranglethorn Vale (35-38)

Swamp of Sorrows (38-38)

Dustwallow Marsh (38-41)

Intermission (41-41)

Badlands (41-42)

Feralas (42-44)

Stranglethorn Vale (44-45)

Tanaris (45-47)

Searing Gorge (47-48)

Hinterlands (48-51)

Feralas (51-51)

Azshara (51-53)

Un'goro Crater (53-54)

Felwood (54-56)

Winterspring (56-58)

Silithus (58-58)

Western Plaguelands (58-59)

Eastern Plaguelands (59-60)













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