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Shimmering Flats 30 - 31

           Once you land in Freewind head east to the Shimmering Flats. Accept all the quests at Mirage Raceway(1) and then head north. Start killing all the quest mobs you need, they're all over this area just follow my pathing and you'll be done in no time. Also if you happen to get done a certain quest before the other look for the abundance of mobs that i have listed.

           Once you're done all your quests turn them in and grab the few followups there are. Then run over to Gadgetzan(8), grab the flightpath and fly to Ratchet. Turn in "Goblin Sponsorship" To Gazlowe and accept the followup. Also turn in "Wharfmaster Dizzywig" and then take the boat to Booty Bay. Grab the flightpath and all the quests in Booty Bay, Refresh "Goblin Sponsorship" both times here in Booty Bay then hearth back to Crossroads and fly to org. Turn in "The Swarm Grows" and ignore the followup. Also while you're here in Org find Craven Drok (Typically wonders down near the RFC entrance) and accept "Alliance Relations". Then head to Keldran far west in Org to refresh "Alliance Relations". When you're done head outside of Org and take the Zepp to Grom'gol.

Save 10 turtle meat for when we return to Tarren Mill.

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