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Stonetalon 15 - 16

           Once in Stonetalon grab "Avenge My Village" and head west to kill 8 ruffians and 6 mercenarys. Once you're done return to Makaba Flathoof(1) and refresh your quest. Now head to Grundig Darkcloud(2). Kill him and 6 brutes in this area. Once you complete the quest talk to Kaya Flathoof and accept "Protect Kaya". Follow her and protect her until completion. Return to Makaba and turn in both of the quests. Grab "Goblin Invaders" and the follow up for Kaya. Then Head out to Malaka'Jin(3). Here you need to accept "Blood Feeders". Afterwords, head north to Sunrock Retreat(4). Grab all the quests and the flightpath and fly back to Crossroads.

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