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Feralas 51-51(Skipable)

           From Camp Mojache(1), head west to the Hippogryphs(2) and collect 10 Muiseks. Once you're done the Hippogryph Muisek return to town and refresh your quest. Now head west to the Sprite Darters(3), kill them for 8 Muiseks and 6 Encrusted Minerals (If you dont get all 6 now, the giants will drop them later.) Return to town and turn in your quest. Now you'll have a quest to kill Wandering Forest Walkers(4), these are the tricky ones. Look on the map provided for the orange lines, if they are currently spawned then you will find them patrolling the orange line.

           The Twin Collosus one isnt marked due to the fact that he is WAY to out of the way to even bother with. The ones i usually get are Above Camp Mojache, the other one in the Hippogryphs, and the one who patrols in front of diremaul.

           Once you have all 3 Muiseks and both Splintered Logs, return to town. Turn in "Natural Materials" and refresh your muisek quest. Now head to Zorbin(5) and accept "Zapped Giants". From here head north to the Giants(6). Zap them to make them non elite, and after you loot them, Muisek them. When you're done return to Zorbin and turn your quest in. Then head back to town and turn your quest in there as well. After turning in your quest wait for witch doctor to do his thing and accept the next quest. Pick your Wep then hop on the FP to org.

           Once you reach Orgrimmar head to Belgrom Rockmaul outside of the warriors hall in the Valley of Honor and accept "Betrayed". Now head back to the flight master and fly to Splintertree post. From here head East into Azshara.

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