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Arathi Highlands 32 - 32

           Once you land in Hammerfall(1) talk to Gor'mul and accept "Guile of the Raptor" then talk to Tor'gan and refresh the quest. Grab all the other quests and head out the back entrance of town to the west. Here you need to kill Raptors until you have 10 Highland Raptor Eyes, then head further west to Dabyrie's Farmstead(3). Here you need to kill Fardel Dabyrie, Kenata Dabyrie, and Marcel Dabyrie for their heads. Once you finish head further west to "The Hammer May Fall"(4) Here you need to kill 8 Ogres and 10 Enforcers. The Enforcers are in the cave, and the ogres are outside.

           Once you're done continue west again to "Foul Magics"(5). Kill the syndicate here for 10 Bloodstone Amulets, then return to Hammerfall. Refresh all of your quests and then fly to Tarren Mill.

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