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Hinterlands 48 - 50

           From Tarren Mill(1) head northeast into The Hinterlands(2). Once you enter the Hinterlands head east to Zun'watha. Kill the trolls here for 20 heads and place the pike inside the camp(3). Pick up a venom bottle(3) from inside the camp and accept its quest. Around the trolls you can find Vicious Owlbeasts. Once you're done continue east to Valorwind Lake(4). Jump in and pick up a Violet Tragan for "Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient". When you're done that continue east to Revantusk Village(5). Grab the Flightpath and all of the quests.

           Fly to Tarren Mill and turn in "Venom Bottles" and accept the followup. From Tarren Mill fly to the Underctiy and pick up "Lines of Communication" In the Magic Quater, then fly back to the Hinterlands. Now take the path up from the beach and head north to the troll camps. Kill Savage Owlbeasts and Silvermane Stalkers on your way. Kill the trolls for "Cannibalistic Cousins". Also Keep an Eye out for Slagtree's Lost Tools(6). Each (6) is a possible spot that they can spawn.

           Once you clear all the troll camps head back to the start of them and Re-clear them for the Soothsayers you need. If you need more Savage Owlbeasts head to (7). The Razorbeak Skylords can be found at (8). They're fairly rare so keep an eye out for them while killing the mobs you need for your quests. If you need Extra Howlers head to (9).

           Once you're done all of the above quests head to the Quel'Danil Lodge(10). Here you have to kill 15 Highvale scouts, 15 Outrunners, 15 Rangers, 15 Marksmen and Burn the Records(11), Notes (12) and Reports(13). Also escort Rinji out of this area. He's the troll in the cage, in the center of the building. Once you're done head south to "The Atal'ai Exile"(14). Turn in your quest then head back to Revantusk. Turn in all of your completed quests, and sell. Then head north down the shoreline killing Turtles, and grabbing Pupellyverbos Ports as you go. Kill Gammerita whenever you see him. He's the blue turtle, he stands out like a sore thumb and patrols this whole beach.

           Once you reach the end of the beach swim to the island(15) and loot the basket. Kill the ambushers and take the lunch from one of them. Swim back to the beach and finish all 3 of your quests. When you're done them all swim out to (16) and turn in Rinji's Secret. Accept the followup and head back to Revantusk. Turn in all of your quests and then fly to Undercity. Head back to the same person in the Magic Quater. Turn in both quests and do the quick talk to. When you're done fly back to The Hinterlands and head to Jintha'alor(17).

           Kill every mob you need for your quests each "Floor" going up to the top. If you do so you'll be done the kill quest by the time you reach the cave. The only quest you need direction for is "Separation Anxiety". Huntsman Malkhor's Skull is (18) and His bones are (19). Vile priestess Hexx is at (20) and so is the cave entrance for "Recover the key!". Once you kill Hitah'ya the Keeper in the back of the cave for the key, return to Elder Torntusk and refresh your quest. When you're done with Jintha'alor Return to Revantusk and turn in all of your quests.

           If you were able to buy or find 10 Long Elegant Feathers turn them in and accept the followup. Run far west to the alliance town and plant the pike right next to the well, then return to town.

           From Revantusk fly to Grom'gol and turn in your quest then fly to Booty bay. Turn in your 3 quests here then hearth back to Crossroads. From Crossroads fly to Gadgetzan and turn in your quest. Then from Gadgetzan fly to Feralas and turn in your quest here.

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