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Stranglethorn Vale 35 - 38

           Fly to Grom'gol(1) and start off doing "Tiger Mastery" , "Raptor Mastery" and "Defense of Grom'gol"(2). From here head to Nesingwarys(3) to refresh both masterys. Head to the trolls(4) now and kill them for "Bloodscalp Ears" , "Hunt for Yenniku" , "Blood Bone Necklaces" and "Bloodscalp Insight". While running back and forth between the two troll camps kill Sin'dal(5) for "Tiger Mastery".

           When you're done with the trolls head to the Basilisks to collect Singing Blue Crystals for "Singing Blue Shards"(6) Once you're done return to Grom'gol and refresh your quests. From here fly to Booty Bay and refresh your quests here as well. Fly back to Grom'gol and head out of town to do "The Defense of Grom'gol"(7). Kill 10 Brutes and 5 Witchdoctors. Any time you run out of brutes follow the path for "Some Assembly Required"(8) down the river killing crocs. Once you're done with the ogres finish up the crocs. When you're done with both head to "Mok'thardin's Enchantment"(9) and "Panther Mastery"(9).

           Here you need to collect 8 Shadowmaw Claws, Pristine Tigress Fang and kill 10 shadowmaw panthers. When you finally complete these quests head to the Venture Co.(10) Here you need to kill them for 8 Tumbled Crystals and kill Foreman Cozzle(11) at the top of the tower. Once you have the Foreman's Key, you need to use it on his footlocker inside the hut(12) in this area (The HUT not Lumberyard thing.) for the Fuel Regulator Blueprints. Once you have all 8 Crystals return to Nesingwarys and Refresh "Panther Mastery", then head back to Grom'gol. Turn in your quests and grab the followup to "Mok'thardin's Enchantment". Fly over to Booty Bay and turn in your two quests Grab the followups and fly back to Grom'gol when you're done.

           Head out of town to the northwest and kill a Elder Saltwater Crocalisk(13) on your way to the Tablet Shard(14). Once you have the Tablet Shard continue to the island and summon Naias(15). Kill him and loot his heart, From here head further north to the Zuuldaia Ruins(16). Kill trolls here for 20 Shrunken Heads. When you're done head back to Grom'gol and turn in your quests, and then fly to Booty Bay to turn in your quest. Fly back to Grom'gol, and begin the journey to Swamp of Sorrows.

In order to get the Swamp of Sorrows you have to run through Duskwood, and Deadwind Pass.

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