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Hillsbrad 21 - 23

           Upon landing in Tarren Mill(1) grab all the quests and turn in the ones that you have. First up, Elixir of Suffering. Head outside of town and kill the spiders and bears(2) for their tongues and Ichor. Once you're done head southwest to (3) which is the safest place to kill Mountain Lions. Once you have 10 Mountain Lion Blood head to "Battle of Hillsbrad". Here you need to kill 6 Farmers, 6 Farmhands, Farmer Ray and Farmer Getz(4). While killing these guys make sure to kill Citizen Wilkes(5). As for Farmer Ray and Farmer Getz, they can spawn Inside the house that Stanley is out front, Outside of the house, inside the barn or in the fields.

           When you're done head west to Deathstalker Lesh(6) and grab the quest. Return to town when you're done and refresh your quests. Head to Durnholde. Here you need to kill 10 Rogues, 10 Watchmen and Collect 5 Vial of Innocent Blood from the shadowmages.

           Also while you're here free Drull(8) and Tog'thar(9). Jailor Eston carriers Drulls key, he's up top near Tog'thar and Jailor Marlgen. Once you're done in Durnholde head back to "The Battle of Hillsbrad" this time kill 15 peasents. While you're killing the peasents take out Farmer Kalaba(10) and feed Stanley(11) the Elixir of Pain. After feeding the elixir to Stanley make sure you kill him for a ton of xp. Return to town when you're done these two quests, and turn them in. Grab the new quests and hearth back to Crossroads and fly to Splintertree.

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