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Stranglethorn Vale 31 - 32

           Once in Grom'gol(1) grab the quests and the flightpath. Head northeast out of town to Nesingwary's Expedition(2). Turn in your quest for here and do the quick "Welcome to the Jungle" talk to quest and grab "Raptor Mastery" , "Tiger Mastery", "Panther Mastery" and "The Green hills of Stranglethorn". Kill 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers(3) around Nesingwary's Camp and then head Southeast down the river towards "Panther Mastery". Kill Crocs(4) on the way for "Supply and Demand". After you kill 10 Young Panthers(5) head back to Nesingwarys and Refresh your quests. Head west following the river killing crocs(6) on your way to the next set of "Panther Mastery"(7) , "Tiger Mastery"(7) and "Raptor Mastery"(8) quests.

           Kill 10 of each panthers, raptors and tigers then return to Nesingwarys and refresh your quests (Finish off the River Croc Skins, this is the deadline). Head back to Grom'gol and fly to Booty Bay to turn in "Investigate The Camp" and "Supply and Demand" Grab Supply and Demands followup. Fly back to Grom'gol and hop on the Zeppelin to UC. Then from UC fly to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands.

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