Star Wars: Kotor 1 Complete Walkthrough

This page is the index for my Kotor 1 walkthrough. For this game I have created two distinct walkthroughs, a Companion Guide as well as a traditional hand holding walkthrough that everyone is used to. The traditional walkthrough holds your hand through the entire game and guides you through step by step like all walkthroughs do.

As for the Companion Guide, it gives you much more of an overview for the entire game instead of holding your hand. It contains detailed maps of every area which will point out all event locations, side quests and generally any point of interest you should know about. This guide is designed for people who played through the game once already and would prefer a list of content they should complete in each area versus having their hand held.

Both my traditional walkthrough and the Companion Guide can be used together as well for the best experience of both worlds.


Endar Spire Walkthrough
- Endar Spire Companion Guide


Taris Walkthrough
- Taris Companion Guide


Dantooine Walkthrough
- Dantooine Companion Guide


Tatooine Walkthrough
- Tatooine Companion Guide


Kashyyyk Walkthrough
-Kashyyyk Companion Guide


Manaan Walkthrough
- Manaan Companion Guide


Leviathan Walkthrough
- Leviathan Companion Guide


Korriban Walkthrough
- Korriban Companion Guide


Unknown World Walkthrough
- Unknown World Companion Guide


The Star Forge Walkthrough
- The Star Forge Companion Guide