Kashyyyk Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Czerka Port on Kashyyyk

When you first arrive on Kashyyyk you'll have to select the team that you'd like to bring with you on this planet. It's recommended you bring Zaalbar with you in your main team since this is his home world. He'll give you some additional information about the planet and tell you about why he was exiled.

You'll come across your first Side Quest in this area too, Matton Dasol and Eli Gand are two NPCs that could use your help finding a droid that they've lost in the Lower Shadowlands. Despite being able to accept this quest now you'll have to wait awhile to complete it.

Just outside of the Czerka Landing Port you'll find a group of 3 Czerka officials standing over the corpse of a dead Wookiee. You'll have multiple opportunities for Light Side or Dark Side Points depending on how you handle the conversation. With Zaalbar in your party you'll have an additional opportunity for Light Side Points if you calm him down or Dark Side Points if you provoke him to kill the Czerka. For a full list of the possible outcomes check the Kotor 1 wikia.

Note: Killing the Czerka will get you the Czerka Corp. Resource ID which will allow you access to a stash of Czerka supplies in the eastern portion of The Great Walkway.

The route you can take in The Great Walkway is very linear - the southern portion is blocked for now until you speak with Chuundar in Rwookrrorro Village to the northeast.... So that's where we're going first. Along the way you will encounter a group of 3 Dark Jedi which will possibly be the hardest fight you've had to do in the game thus far if Kashyyyk is your first planet. Defeat them, loot their corpses and continue to Rwookrrorro Village.

Chuundar First Encounter on Kashyyyk

Outside of the village you will be greeted by an upset Wookiee who will take you to see Chuundar immediately. There will be no opportunities for Light Side or Dark Side Points in this conversation and none of your answers matter towards the story so say whatever you want.

In Rwookrrorro Village you'll also want to speak with Woorwill, a Wookiee living in the building just east of the Chieftan's Hut. He'll start the Woorwill Side Quest which takes place in the Upper Shadowlands. Technically you don't need to visit him and start the quest in order to do it but it doesn't hurt.

Now that we've spoken to Chuundar we're free to enter the Shadowlands. To reach the Shadowlands you'll want to head to the southern most portion of The Great Walkway and speak with Gorwooken to ride the lift down. Prior to riding the lift down it's strongly recommended you save your game.

Warning: If this planet is the first one you're visiting after Dantooine then you'll encounter Calo Nord at the bottom of the lift waiting for you along with some goons of his. If this is the fourth planet you're visiting then you'll encounter Darth Bandon along with 2 Dark Jedi. Otherwise, there will be no encounter at the bottom of the lift.

Calo Nord Fight on Kashyyyk

My general advice for hard fights in this game is to load up on Stims and activate your Shields prior to the fight (so before riding the lift down). Any buffs you have that you can use on your Jedi you'll want to use too, they don't last as long as Stims and Shields so use them last.

Once the fight starts throw grenades on all of your characters at the target you know will be stationary (Calo) then unload with Force Powers. My last tip would be to use Vibroblade weapons when an enemy uses an Energy Shield (Vibroblades will bypass them but Lightsabers will not) and don't forget to use Force Breach to strip off the buffs of the enemy (if it is a Dark Jedi).

Shortly after arriving in the Upper Shadowlands you'll encounter Jolee Bindo, an older Jedi who fills the stereotypical role of the wise old hermit. When you approach him there will automatically be a scene after which you will want to follow him back to his home and speak with him.

Jolee will ask you to remove the Czerka Camp to the north - preferably without any violence. If you do this then he'll join you on your journey and help you bypass the force field to the northeast.

Jolee in Upper Shadowlands

Before scaring away the Czerka north of Jolee's house you'll want to agree to help Commander Dern collect Tach Glands. You technically only need one of these for the Mission's Brother Side Quest and you can sell the rest back to him if you'd like to earn some extra Credits. There are a couple of other quests in this area too, check my Kashyyyk Companion Guide for more information.

In order to get Commander Dern and his group of Czerka to leave you'll need to speak with the guards next to the emitters and [Persuade] them to leave the area or bribe them to leave. You can also use [Force Persuade] but you will get Dark Side Points because the other soldiers will kill the one you talked to.

Regardless of the method you choose to get rid of the Czerka, return to Jolee and talk with him to continue with the story. He'll help you bypass the force field in the northeast portion of this area which will give you access to the Lower Shadowlands. Not very far into the Lower Shadowlands you'll come across a Wookiee fighting Mandalorians, speak to him to start the Grrrwahrr Side Quest.

As far as story objectives go in the Lower Shadowlands, you'll find Freyyr in the northeast and the Star Map all the way to the south. It doesn't matter which order you do these two objectives in, walkthroughs for both can be found below. If you'd like to see the map locations for either of these locations check my Kashyyyk Companion Guide.

Freyyr in Shadowlands

Freyyr is Chuundar and Zaalbar's father that was exiled many years ago similarly to Zaalbar. He'll attack you when you approach him but after doing enough damage to him you'll be able to enter into dialogue. You'll have the option of outright killing him for Dark Side Points or asking him about his two sons.

After some dialogue Freyyr will ask you to retrieve Bacca's Blade from the beast at the ritual area. In order to lure out this beast you'll need to go to the ritual area which is to the south of Freyyr and hang a Viper Kinrath body on the hanging vines. This location is marked on your map as the "Ritual Marker" so it should be quite easy to find.

Return Bacca's Blade to Freyyr and he'll thank you and ask you to meet him topside to confront Chuundar. You don't have to do it now but whenever you return to the tree tops of Kashyyyk you'll be taken to Chuudar where you'll confront him with Freyyr and Zaalbar. At this point in time you'll have two choices and one will give Light Side Points and the other Dark Side Points.

(Ally with Freyyr) Light Side Points: Choose to help Freyyr regain his honor and slay Chuundar. It will be a tough fight with a lot of enemies but you'll have the help of both Freyyr and Zaalbar. After you kill Chuundar you'll also have a scene/event of all the Wookiees rebelling and chasing the Czerka out of Kashyyyk at the Czerka Landing Port. 3510xp & Bacca's Blade

(Kill Freyyr in throne room) Dark Side Points: If you decide to turn against Freyyr at the last minute in the throne room you'll get the same outcome and reward as if you would have killed him in the Lower Shadowlands. 2835xp & Bacca's Blade

(Kill Freyyr in Shadowlands) Dark Side Points: You'll be returned to the Chieftan's Hall to speak with Chuundar and he'll thank you. After you're kicked out of town and you can never return. 2835xp

Star Map On Kashyyyk

To gain access to the Star Map on Kashyyyk you'll need to interact with the computer pictured above and answer a series of questions that it asks. Each question will have an opportunity for you to gain either Light Side or Dark Side Points; some questions will have a neutral answer where you'll earn neither.

In order to start this test from this computer you'll need to go through a bunch of dialogue - just keep asking it about accessing the Star Map and what you need to do to access the Star Map. Eventually the computer will allow you to select 'begin the evaluations'. It expects you to give Dark Side answers and will penalize if you answer otherwise. Two wrong answers in total and the computer will cancel the test and send strong droids out to attack you. Destroying the droids will get you access to the Star Map.

Below are each of the 3 questions you should expect and what answers you'll want to choose for Light Side or Dark Side Points.

Tip: To easily destroy the droids that get summoned during this test use Jolee's Force Power "Disable Droid". It does an insane amount of damage to droids and stuns them.


Question 1: You travel with a Wookiee and have encountered complications. Hypothetical: you and this Zaalbar are captured and separated. If you both remain silent, one year in prison for each of you. However, call Zaalbar a traitor, and he will serve five years, while you serve none. He is offered the same deal, but if you both accuse the other, you both serve 2 years. What do you do? What do you trust him to do?

Neutral Answer: All answers except the Dark Side One

(Correct) Dark Side Answer: Accuse Zaalbar/don't trust him


Question 2: Hypothetical: you are at war. Deciphering an intercepted code, you learn two things about your enemy. A single spot in their defense will be at its weakest in ten days, and they will attack one of your cities in five days. What do you do with this information? What is the most efficient course of action?

(Wrong) Light Side Answer: I evacuate my people from the city.

(Right) Light Side Answer: I prepare my forces to attack in ten days. I do nothing in the city. and then follow up with --- "The victory is irrelevant. Stopping the war saved many more people."

(Right) Dark Side Answer: I prepare my forces to attack in ten days. I do nothing in the city. and then follow up with --- "That's right. The deaths of those people would spur my forces on."



Question 3: Hypothetical: remove the ongoing war from the previous example. Consider enemy states to be weak and remote. With no external threat, your empire stagnates. Your people become complacent and begin to question you. Same scenario as before; you discover an impending attack, but also a weakness that will come after. How do you react?

(Wrong) Light Side Answer: I stop the attack. I will appear to be a hero.

(Right) Dark Side Answer: I let the attack happen.


Once you obtain the Star Map you're technically done with Kashyyyk. All that will be left is tying up lose ends with the Chuundar/Freyyr quest - whichever of the two sides you chose to assist. Return to the Ebon Hawk when you are done with everything and choose your next planet. If Kashyyyk was your first planet then I strongly recommend you do Tatooine now since you'll get a new Companion there along with the fact that Tatooine is another very easy planet.


Tatooine - This is the best planet to go to after Kashyyyk if you haven't already completed it. You'll recruit HK-47 here which is one of the best companions (in terms of humor and dialogue) in all of Kotor as well.

Manaan - If you've finished by Tatooine and Kashyyyk this is our next stop.