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Dantooine Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1

On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for Dantooine in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Dantooine Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on Dantooine...

1. Speak with the Jedi Council and become a Jedi
2. Go to the Grove and kill Juhani or get her to join you
3. Visit the Star Forge Cave in the eastern most portion of the Courtyard area
4. Return to the Jedi Council then leave Dantooine


Dantooine - Jedi Enclave

Dantooine Jedi Enclave Map Locations

Jedi Council: You will be visiting this location 5 or 6 times over the course of your stay in Dantooine so remember where it is!

Sol'aa: Pazaak dealer and player. He has many good cards for those interested in this mini game.

Event: This location along with the Tatooine Docking Bay are "event locations" because when you run through this area you'll often be approached by an NPC that starts a Companion Side Quest or you'll get one of those... [So and so looks like they want to speak with you] dialogue prompts which will advance your Companion's personal story line. Not every Companion gets a quest but most do.

Below is a list of every Companion Side Quest in the game.

Bastila's Mother (Can't start on Manaan or Korriban)
Canderous' Honor (Can start anywhere but Tatooine)
Juhani's Past (Can start anywhere but Dantooine)
Mission's Brother (Can't start on Tatooine or Manaan)
Carth's Son (Can start anywhere but Korriban)


Courtyard - Dantooine

Dantooine Courtyard Important map locations

Aside from the NPCs mentioned on my map above I recommend you check out Adum Larp the merchant across from Elise. He carries Cassus Fett's Battle Armor which is one of the best Heavy Armors you can get in the game; he'll also sell you finished maps for the Courtyard and Grove areas.

Jon (Mandalorian Raiders): Speaking with Jon will begin the Mandalorian Raiders Side Quest which takes place on Dantooine.

Elise (Elise's Lover): When you speak with Elise you'll begin the Elise's Lover Side Quest.


Matale Grounds - Dantooine

Dantooine Matale Grounds Map Locations

Mandalorian Raiders: Here is where you'll find a group of Mandalorian Raiders for the Mandalorian Raiders Side Quest. This is the easiest of the 3 packs and is mostly Duros.

Dead Settler: After accepting the Sandral and Matale Feud Side Quest this corpse will appear along with 3 Kath Hounds near it. Finding this corpse is a completely optional part of the quest but it'll reward you with some additional xp and there are some goodies on the body.


Grove - Dantooine

Dantooine Grove Map Locations

Murder Investigation: Bolook will stop you when you get close to this area and ask you to assist him in investigating a murder. For more information about this event check out my Murder Investigation Side Quest.

Mandalorian Raiders: This is the group of Mandalorian Raiders that the boss Sherruk spawns in for the Mandalorian Raiders Side Quest.

Juhani: The Jedi Council will task you with cleansing the corruption in the grove; Juhani is that corruption. You can turn her back to the Light Side or kill her and move yourself closer to the Dark Side. For more information about each option check my Dantooine Walkthrough.


Sandral Grounds - Dantooine

Dantooine Sandral Grounds Map Locations

Droid: At this location you'll find the droid for Elise's Lover Side Quest. Once you get into close proximity of this area you'll want to engage the Kath Hounds that are attacking the droid ASAP otherwise they can destroy it and you will never be able to finish the quest.

Mandalorian Raiders: This is where a pack of Mandalorian Raiders is found for the Mandalorian Raiders Side Quest. A tip to make the fight easier is open with grenades from a distance.


Crystal Cave - Dantooine

Dantooine Crystal Cave Clean Map

This cave is completely optional on Dantooine but is definitely worth visiting. In here you'll get your first set of lightsaber crystals in the game which you can immediately socket into your lightsaber at a Work Bench back in town. Make sure you smash all the eggs in this cave and inspect all the crystals to collect everything you can.


Sandral Estate - Dantooine

Dantooine Sandral Estate Map Locations

If you choose to accept and complete the Sandral & Matale Feud Side Quest then you'll gain access to this estate as part of the quest. To get into the southern portion of this estate Rahasia, Nurik Sandral's daughter, will give you a key that allows you access.

Shen: This is the room Shen is found in; you'll need to speak with him a few times to complete the Sandral - Matale Feud Side Quest.

Xp: In this room you'll find an out of commission droid which you can repair for some bonus xp.


Ruins - Dantooine

Dantooine Ruins Map Locations

To interact with the terminals in this area you'll need to talk to it then show it your Datapad and talk to it again so that it can learn your language. After which you'll be prompted to answer some questions.

PC: At both ends of these ruins you'll find PCs which ask you very basic questions. Essentially you have to identify which worlds are Death-Giving and which are Life-Giving. Below are the correct answers incase you get one of them mixed up.

Death-Giving Worlds: Barren, Desert and Volcanic

Life-Giving Worlds: Grassland, Oceanic and Arboreal



Dantooine Clean Maps

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