Endar Spire Walkthrough - Kotor 1

First Enemy Encounter on Endar Spire

The game begins with you waking up on the Endar Spire as it is under attack. Your time spent on the Endar Spire serves as the tutorial for this game and you'll be guided through it step by step with the ingame menus as well as with Trask's guidance. This whole area is quite linear so you won't need much direction from me to complete it.

If this is your first time playing Kotor 1 I recommend you check out my Kotor 1 Beginners Guide for more information. This game is more complex than most RPGs and it's easy to gimp your character if you choose the wrong Feats, Skills or Stats when leveling up. My Beginners Guide will give you some information on what's useful and what isn't to help you with these decisions.

Corpse with Loot on it in Kotor 1
Remember to check all corpses for loot.

When you encounter large packs of enemies I recommend you use your Frag Grenades to quickly eliminate them. These grenades hit harder than any weapon you have at this early stage in the game and will be over powered if you use them right on the Endar Spire.

Another piece of advice (which is probably obvious) be sure to check every single container, bin, footlocker and enemy corpse you can for items. This game gives you a very limited supply of items throughout so it's important you go around like a vacuum sucking up everything you find.

To complete the Endar Spire all you need to do is board the escape pod in the same room as Carth Onasi, it'll take you down to Taris which is your first official planet of the game.

Escape Pod to Taris



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