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Taris Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1

On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for Taris in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Taris Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on Taris...

1. Obtain Sith Armor & Travel into Lower City
2. Trade Sith Armor to Gadon in the Hidden Bek Base for paperwork
3. Use paperwork to enter Undercity
4. Help Mission find Zaalbar in the Undercity Sewers
5. Enter the Black Vulkar Base by passing the Rancor in the sewers
6. Collect the Pass Card or hack the computer in the base to disable the turrets and enter the Garage
7. Obtain the Swoop Accelerator and return to Gadon or betray Gadon and help the Black Vulkars
8. Win the Swoop Race and 'save' Bastila
9. Speak with Canderous Ordo in the Upper City Cantina
10. Obtain T3-M4 the droid and break into the Sith Base
11. Defeat the Sith Governor and obtain the Taris Launch Codes
12. Return to Canderous Ordo in the Lower City Cantina
12. Steal the Ebon Hawk and escape Taris



South Apartments - Taris

Taris South Apartments Map

Dia's Bounty: She offers an easy Side Quest which requires you to go to the Lower City Cantina and speak with Holden. You can use Persuade on Holden and convince him to lift Dia's bounty then return to her and you'll receive Credits as a reward or Light Side Points if you accept no reward.


Upper City South - Taris

Taris Upper City South Map Locations

Equipment Shop: Sells items that are better than anything you're using right now and a Permacrete Detonator. You'll need this item for a Side Quest given to you by Matrik in the Lower City East Apartments.

Medical Clinic: Zelka offers you a quest in here to bring him the Rakghoul Serum; you'll find this later during the main story. There is also a door in the Medical Clinic which you can use Security on or bash open. Inside the room there will be Republic Soldiers in tanks. You'll be given the option of extorting Zelka for some Credits and Dark Side Points or offering to keep everything a secret for Light Side Points.

Bullied Merchant: Approaching this area will trigger a scene with a merchant being bullied. Helping him will get you Light Side Points; helping him then threatening to kill him unless he gives you all of his Credits will get you Dark Side Points.


Upper City Cantina - Taris

Taris Upper City Cantina Map Locations

There are a few random NPCs to talk to in the Upper City Cantina that will give you minor events or change how you obtain the Sith armor for the story. Male characters can speak with Sarna and female characters can speak with Yun Genda to be invited to the Sith party in the North Apartments. If you trigger this event then you'll get the Sith armor this way instead of through the interrogation.

Ajuur the Hutt & Duel Arena: The Duel Arena is the first multi-part Side Quest that you will be able to complete on Taris. You will have the opportunity to fight a total of 5 rounds in the Arena and 1 bonus life or death round against Bendak Starkiller. For more information about this check out my Taris Arena Side Quest Guide.


Upper City North - Taris

Taris Upper City North Map Locations

To gain access to the Lower City elevator you'll need to acquire the Sith armor from the North Apartments. Check out my Taris Walkthrough for a step by step on how to do this if you need it.

3 Drunks: Random street encounter with 3 drunkards. You can attack them for Dark Side Points or convince them to leave you alone.

Droid Shop: Your first time here you can buy one of her lower quality droids for 50 credits, it'll explode when you leave the shop. Persuade her for more Credits than you paid or threaten her for more credits and Dark Side Points. Later during the story you will be returning to this shop for the other droid, T3-M4.

Ithorian Encounter: After visiting Lower City and returning to Upper City you'll be able to witness this event. An Ithorian will be getting harassed by kids and you can stop them then offer to heal the Ithorian's wounds with a Medpac for Light Side Points.


North Apartments - Taris

Taris North Apartments Map Locations

Largo's Bounty: Large is another person with a bounty on his head. You have the option of killing him for his bounty (Dark Side Points) or giving him 200 Credits and telling him to run (Light Side Points).

Sith Party/Sith Interrogation: You will see a different even play out in one of these two rooms depending on whether or not you've spoken with Sarna or Yun Genda in the Upper City Cantina. If you're a Male you'll need to speak with Sarna and if you're a female you'll need to speak with Yun Genda. They'll invite you to a party that takes place in one of these rooms. If you haven't spoken to either of these NPCs there will be a Sith Interrogation going on when you approach this area. There will be different opportunities for Light Side and Dark Side Points at each event.


Lower City Apartments (East) - Taris

Taris Lower City East Apartments

Matrik's Bounty: He is another person with a bounty on his head that you can help or kill. Killing him will get you Dark Side Points whereas helping him will get you Light Side Points. In order to help him you'll need to purchase a Permocrete Detonator from the Equipment Shop in Upper City South and give it to him. You can still collect the bounty on his head if you help him since Zax will assume he is dead.

Band Puzzle: This is your first logic puzzle in Kotor. Inspect the desk in the back of the room for a Datapad, if you examine it and read it you'll get all of the information you need to solve this puzzle. Alternatively you could input what I tell you to below.

1. Activate Elinda
2. Activate Ujaa
3. Activate Ujii
4. Activate Loopa
5. Activate Fodo
6. Activate Ashana

Note: If you perform the wrong sequence you'll still be able to get the Echani Fiber Armor and 50 Credits from the chest but you will not receive the 110XP


Lower City Apartments (West) - Taris

Taris Lower City West Apartments

Sealed Box: (Video of me doing this step) Inside of this room you will find a Sealed Box that you can not open with Security. Search the desk next to it to find a Datapad, that contains all of the passwords that you need to open the box. In order, here are the passwords you need to put in to open the box:

1. Hyperdrive
2. My Uncle
3. Alderaan

Selven's Bounty: This is another one of the available bounties on Taris. When you first open the door to Selven's room she will threaten you, if you enter the room or talk to her again she'll attack you. This is a very tough fight, I would recommend running away from her after the fight starts and chuck grenades at her. She'll drop your first head item in the game when you kill her, Neural Band.


Javyar's Cantina - Taris

Lower City Cantina Map Locations

Holdan (North Room): Persuade him to remove Dia's bounty or pay him 200 Credits to remove it. Either way you'll receive Light Side Points.

Twi'lek Dancer: You will need to help this Twi'lek win her audition by dancing with her. Below are the 3 proper dancing positions that you need to do in order to complete this.

1. Dance close to her
2. Dance close behind her
3. Dance face to face

Zax & Taris Bounties: On Taris there will be a total of 5 bounties that you can collect for xp and Credits, all of which get turned in at Zax. For more information about this quest line check out my Taris Bounties Side Quest.


Hidden Bek Base - Taris

Taris Hidden Bek Base Clean Map

Depending on what route you take on Taris you may never get to explore the back of the Hidden Bek Base. Light Side players will only ever speak to Gadon at the front desk, Dark Side players will have to find Gadon in a hidden room in the back of the base and assassinate him here.


Undercity - Taris

Taris Undercity Important Map Locations

Promised Land Journal: You'll need to collect a total of 3 Promised Land Journals for the Side Quest given to you by Rukil in the Undercity. For more information check out my Promised Land Journals Side Quest.

Plague Victim: The northern Plague Victim (Escape Pod on map) will turn into a Rakghoul if you talk to him before you get the Rakghoul Serum; the southern Plague Victim will wait for you to get the serum. Saving either of them will get you Light Side Points.

Rakghoul Serum: On a corpse in the southern portion of the Undercity you'll find the Rakghoul Serum. This item can be turned in to either Zax the Hutt in the Lower City Cantina or Zelka in the Upper City South. For more information on both these turn ins as well as what else you can do with it check out my Rakghoul Serum Side Quest Guide.


Lower Sewers - Taris

Taris Lower Sewers Important Map Locations

Journal: You'll need to collect a total of 3 Promised Land Journals for the Side Quest given to you by Rukil in the Undercity. For more information check out my Promised Land Journals Side Quest.

Journal & Droid: In this area you'll find a Promised Land Journal as well as a droid you can activate and set into Patrol Mode for EXP.

Zaalbar: To continue with the story you'll want to free Zaalbar from his prison and he'll join your party. It's recommended you use him for Taris since he is a powerful tank character. Check my Taris Walkthrough for information on what to do next.


Upper Sewers - Taris

Taris Upper Sewers Map Locations

Severed Arm: (Video of me getting past the Rancor) To bypass the Rancor in this area you'll need to pick up the Synthesized Odor from the Severed Arm and take it to the corpse pile in the room to the south. Place the Synthesized Odor and a Frag Grenade in the corpse pile and the Rancor will eat it and blow up.


Black Vulkar Base - Taris

Taris Black Vulkar Base Important Map Locations

Inside the Black Vulkar base you'll want to collect the Pass Card from the Black Vulkars in the southwestern room to advance the story. You'll want to use this Pass Card on the northern most computer to disable the turrets and proceed with the level.

Computers: The northern one lets you proceed to the second part of the Black Vulkar Base; the computer in the main room lets you access all the security commands and cameras

Damsel In Distress: At this location you'll have an opportunity for Light Side or Dark Side Points depending on how you interact with the woman.

Informant: Upon entering this room the Informant will attack you but once you get him to half health the fight will end and there will be a scene. You'll have the option of killing him for Dark Side Points, letting him go provides no reward or Light Side Points.

Pass Card: You'll need this item to access the northern computer and proceed with the level.


Black Vulkar Base (Garage) - Taris

Taris Black Vulkar Base Garage Map Locations

Kandon Ark & Swoop Accelerator: You will be given the option when speaking with Kandon to betray Gadon and ally with the Vulkars or to stay on the Hidden Bek's team. Betraying Gadon means you'll have to kill him and you'll get Dark Side Points for betraying and killing him.


Sith Base - Taris

Taris Sith Base Important Map Locations

Duros Wall Puzzle: (Video of me saving Duros) (Video of me killing Duros) Depending on whether or not you want Light Side or Dark Side Points you'll either want to save or kill the Duros trapped in a cage. Explanations and videos are included for both outcomes.

Key: Starting from left to right assume that the panels are named 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the directions below.

Save the Duros: Middle Switch, far left switch, far right switch
Kill the Duros: In order 1, 5, 2, 3, 5

Assault Droid: This is basically the boss fight of the Sith Base. It's recommended you use the computers in the base to disable the turrets in this room or to overload the conduit near the elevator to disable the Assault Droid's shields.


Davik's Estate - Taris

Taris Daviks Estate Map Locations

There are many different people you can speak to throughout Davik's Estate (and kill) but only Hudrow will have the option of earning Dark Side Points.

Hudrow: Speaking with Hudrow will get you the security codes you need for the Ebon Hawk. You will also be given the option of killing Hudrow for Dark Side Points. There is no way to earn Light Side Points from saving him.

Rodian: This NPC is the only opportunity for Dark Side Points when interacting with the guests. You can threaten this Rodian multiple ways for Dark Side Points, choose what suits you best!

Ebon Hawk: When you're ready to leave Taris this will be your final destination. Don't forget to loot Davik's body after the confrontation for some really good items!


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