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Korriban Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Docking Bay on Korriban

Korriban is home to the Sith Academy and you'll have to join the Sith Academy in your quest for the Star Map on this planet. I recommend you save the Star Map on Korriban for last since it is one of the more difficult planets and you can't have Bastila accompany you while you're here. Since she leaves your team temporarily after you finish the Leviathan it works out well to do this planet last.

In the town of Dreshdae there will be a couple of interactions with Sith students that can reward you with Dark Side or Light Side Points. Along with one quest, the Lurze Kesh Side Quest. Check my Korriban Companion Guide if you'd like to know the locations of each interaction and more information about it.

Note: After you finish the Leviathan and discover your character's true identity you may be approached by an NPC who invites you to Mika Dorin's shop in Dreshdae. Once you receive this invite you can ask Mika Dorin about his "premium wares" and purchase some of the best items available in the game from him. Apparently there is a bug in the game where if you start Juhani's Companion Quest and meet Xor prior to finishing the Leviathan you won't ever get this invitation.

As far as advancing the main story goes, you'll need to head outside to the Sith Academy Entrance and speak with the guard out front for a Journal update. This will trigger Yuthura Ban to appear inside Mika Dorin's store as well as a few more encounters with Sith students in Dreshdae to become available.

Yuthura Ban in Cantina on Korriban

To earn entry into the Sith Academy you'll need to either talk with Yuthura Ban or obtain a Sith Medallion (or both). If you [Persuade] Yuthura Ban that you want to be a Sith instead of using [Persuade/Lie] then you'll earn Dark Side Points for doing so. Failing to [Persuade] Yuthura or saying "no thanks" when asked if you want to be a Sith will result in you having to obtain the Sith Medallion and then speak with her or speak with the guard out front of the Sith Academy for entry.

Once you arrive inside the academy you'll meet Uthar Wynn who will explain to you how to rise through the Sith ranks. Essentially how it works is you need to complete tasks on Korriban and earn Prestige. Each task you complete typically earns +1 Prestige and you can earn that Prestige by speaking with Uthar and telling him you've finished a task.

You need a total of 5 Prestige Points to advance the story. Once you turn in 5 quests worth of Prestige you will no longer be able to finish many of the available quests. For this reason it's recommended you do all you can before turning in any quests that earn you Prestige.

Sith Academy Ways to Earn Prestige:

+1 Informed on Yuthura Ban's plan to kill Uthar
+1 Informed on Kel Algwinn's doubts on becoming a Sith (Dark Side Points)
+1 Recite the Sith Code to Uthar Wynn
+1 Deal with the renegade Sith Students in Shyrack Caverns
+1 Obtain and turn over the Sword of Ajunta Pall
+1 Deal with the Rogue Assassin Droid in Tomb of Marka Ragnos
+1 Turn over the Ancient Sith Tablet from the Tomb of Tulak Hord
+1 Learn the locations of the Mandalorian Weapon Caches
+1 Finish the Lashowe Side Quest and turn over the holocron
-- +1 tell Uthar you killed Lashowe for the holocron for an extra 1 Prestige

Many of the above quests have more than one way to complete them, follow the links provided to learn more about each individual quest. I explain many of the quests below too but with significantly less detail (I don't list all the possible outcomes and how to achieve them).


(1 Prestige) Recite the Sith Code to Uthar:

Peace is a lie. There is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.

Uthar will recite the first 3/4 of the line for you and you only need to fill in the blank at the end. After you answer all 5 questions correctly he will ask you 3 remaining True or False questions that you must answer too. Get at least two of the below questions right and you pass the test.

There is nothing worse than love - False
Is it our passion that fuels the force? - True
Victory by any means is desireable - False


(1 Prestige) Tomb of Ajunta Pall Sword of Ajunta Pall

Therangen Obelisk in Tomb of Ajunta Pall

Inside the Tomb of Ajunta Pall the first 'puzzle' you'll come across is a narrow walkway with a pillar in the middle of it. Along the southern portion of this walkway you'll find another narrow walkway that you can't reach that's loaded with droids. (Video of me completing this puzzle) To get by this puzzle you'll need to put a grenade inside of the Therangen Obelisk in the middle of the narrow walkway.

A scene will trigger of the pillar blowing up after which the droids along the southern walkway will activate and start shooting at you. There are two ways for you to take them out - head over to the eastern side of the walkway and pull the lever to instantly destroy all of the droids.... Or use Force Powers like Stun Droid/Destroy Droid to kill them; grenades work just as good on them too.

Once you've made it to the final room the Spirit of Ajunta Pall will appear and tell you (among other things) that in order to solve this puzzle you'll need to pick up the 3 swords from the sarcophagus. Using his riddle you will need to identify which sword is the correct one (Notched Steel Sword is the right one) and place that into the hands of the statue.

Spirit of Ajunta Pall in Tomb of Ajunta Pall

If you placed the Notched Steel Sword into the statue's hands then the spirit will give you Ajunta Pall's Blade when you speak to him and you'll get 1000xp. There will also be some dialogue you can have with the spirit that can earn you either Light Side or Dark Side Points. Tell the spirit he can be forgiven for his actions and convince him to atone for Light Side Points. Alternatively keep pestering him about the Star Map until you provoke him into a fight then kill him for Dark Side Points.

When leaving the Tomb of Ajunta Pall you'll be stopped by Shaardan and he'll demand the sword from you. If you'd like you can give him one of the two fake swords or you can refuse to give him any and kill him. There are no Dark Side Points for killing him.


(1 Prestige) Tomb of Tulak Hord Ancient Sith Tablet

Jorak Uln in Tomb of Tulak Hord

The event that takes place inside of the Tomb of Tulak Hord involves another Sith student by the name of Mekel whom you may remember from the start of Korriban. Shortly after you pass the Computer in the eastern portion of this tomb you'll be taken hostage by Jorak Uln, Uthar's old master.

Jorak Uln will make you and Mekel participate in a deadly quiz where you'll have to decide to make Mekel suffer or make yourself suffer. If you refuse to answer or give all light side answers to Jorak Uln's questions he will torture you and only you which will allow Mekel to survive (as well as you). Giving Jorak Uln all dark side answers will result in Mekel dying and you getting Dark Side Points.

Dark Side Points: Give all dark side answers and Jorak Uln will torture Mekel instead of you. Mekel is a lot weaker than you and will die by the end scoring you Dark Side Points.

Light Side Points: Refuse to answer Jorak Uln or give him light side answers to save Mekel. After the fight is over talk to Mekel and [Persuade] him to leave the dark side, this will earn you Light Side Points.

If Mekel dies then Jorak Uln will give you the Ancient Sith Tablet and that's the end of things. Otherwise loot the Ancient Sith Tablet from Jorak Uln's corpse before you leave. Also, thoroughly search this entire area for lightsaber crystals and any other goodies lying around. There is a lot to be found in this room.


(1 Prestige) Tomb of Marka Ragnos Rogue Assassin Droid

Rogue Assassin Droid in Tomb of Marka Ragnos

There are 3 outcomes to this quest, all of which I talk about in my Tomb of Marka Ragnos Guide. If all you care about is earning the Prestige then you can carelessly run through this tomb destroying every droid including the assassin droid at the back of the tomb.

However, if you'd like to earn some Light Side or Dark Side Points then you'll have to take a much more careful approach when dealing with the Rogue Assassin Droid. Essentially what you need to do is equip the Sound Dampening Stealth Unit that's found on a corpse at the start of the tomb and solve the logic puzzle the droid gives you. More details can be found on my Tomb of Marka Ragnos page.

Correct Order to Shut Down the Droid's programs:

1. Combat Matrix
2. Motor Function Matrix
3. Sensory Systems Matrix
4. Memory Matrix
5. Cognitive Systems
6. Emotional Construct Matrix
7. Creative Simulation Matrix
8. Core

Reward: Advanced Shield Disruptor, Advanced Flame Thrower, Carbonite Projector Mark II, Droid Heavy Plating Type 3


When you're ready to advance...


When you've finished at least 5 Prestige worth of quests on Korriban and you're ready to advance the story forward again return to Uthar in the Sith Academy and speak with him. Turn in whatever quests you wish to turn in and once you have enough Prestige Uthar will tell you that it's time to go to the Tomb of Naga Sadow.

You'll have to finish the Tomb of Naga Sadow alone - your Companions will have to hang back at the Sith Academy and wait for you. I'd recommend your character be at least level 12 - 14+ to safely complete this upcoming dungeon. If you've chosen Korriban as one of your first planets to do after Dantooine you may have to come back at a later time if this dungeon is too difficult for you.

Tomb of Naga Sadow Entrance

As for the dungeon itself, the entire eastern wing of it is optional. You'll find an Energy Pillar puzzle that you can complete to access a room with Naga Sadow's Poison Blade, there are other goodies too but the weapon is the most noteable. The Energy Pillar puzzle is basically a simple Tower of Hanoi puzzle, if you're familiar with how that puzzle works.

To complete the Tomb of Naga Sadow what you'll need to do is collect the Special Cold Grenade from the western most room of the tomb and use it on the acid river that flows across the south-central part of the area. After you cross over the acid pool you will be able to activate the Star Map and pick up the lightsaber behind it.

On your way back to the entrance you'll automatically trigger a scene between Uthar and Yuthura where somebody is getting betrayed. Depending on what you did (or didn't do) during The Double Cross quest will determine who betrays who here and who is poisoned.

Uthar and Yuthura Boss Fight

Ideally you'll want to leave at least one of these two alive. Killing Yuthura or Uthar will result in the entire Sith Academy turning against you and will prevent you from doing any future quests there; such as the Carth's Son Side Quest. On the upside though, if you turn the entire academy against you there'll be a lot of xp for you to earn.

During your dialogue with both of these guys you'll have multiple opportunities to earn both Light Side Points and/or Dark Side Points.

Dark Side Points: Tell Yuthura or Uthar that you're going to kill them; tell Yuthura that you were never her friend.

Light Side Points: Convince Yuthura to change her ways and leave the Sith (Academy will turn against you). Prior to fighting either of them say that you only came for the Star Map and never wanted to be a Sith -- or that you're a Jedi spy.

Regardless of the outcome, once you're done in the Tomb of Naga Sadow you're free to return to the Sith Academy to pick up your other party members then leave Korriban for the next planet. If Korriban is your final planet then you'll find a new location on your Star Map when you board the Ebon Hawk.

Warning! Once you fly to the new planet on the Star Map you'll be unable to ever return to any of the previous planets we've visited. Effectively, the "Unknown World" is the point of no return in Kotor 1. So make sure you've done all the available companion quests you want to finish along with every other Side Quest.


Unknown World - This planet becomes available after collecting all 5 Star Maps; it is also the point of no return in Kotor 1.

(Optional) Yavin Space Station - If Korriban was your final planet and you've collected 5 of 5 Star Maps then you should hit up Yavin Space Station before continuing. It will have a fresh restock of great equipment. It's also worth mentioning that once you proceed to the Unknown World there will be no vendors and no use for Credits for the rest of the game. So go on a shopping spree now!