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Leviathan Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Choose who rescues everyone

After finding 4 of the 5 Star Maps the next time you fly the Ebon Hawk through space the Leviathan will intercept you and take you prisoner. This ship is Saul Karath's flagship and is a rather linear dungeon that shouldn't take too long to complete. On this page you'll only find information about how to advance the story forward - If you'd like to see additional information about this dungeon check my Leviathan Companion Guide.

Just before the Leviathan captures the Ebon Hawk you'll have a brief moment to discuss a plan with your party members. You'll have to choose a party member whose mission it will be to break everyone else out of jail. Each party member will have a slightly different series of events that they need to go through to break everyone else out.

Out of all party members, Mission and Jolee are typically the easiest to pick for this part. T3-M4 is the hardest since you'll have to solve a logic puzzle with him or you'll get a Game Over (answers below). Below is a list of every party member along with what you'll need to do if you choose them.


Juhani: Juhani is the only character who will start with all of her equipment, lightsaber included. This makes her without a doubt the easiest character to choose for this part. She begins near the elevator in the eastern part of the map.

Jolee: Probably the second easiest character to use since he has Force Powers and starts near the Riot Equipment.

Mission: She starts just outside a cell in the southeast of the map, right next to the ICE Breaker Rodian. Grab the Riot Equipment with her ASAP so you can equip her with some blasters then free your other team members.

HK-47: Our favorite assassin droid starts out at the northwestern end of the map right next to the Detention Area in the same room as T3-M4. He begins with one small battle after which you are able to proceed to either the Brig Computer or the Sith Passcard depending on which route you want to take.

Canderous: Check the "Patient Gear" container in the same room Canderous starts in for the equipment he had equipped when you last used him. This character is another good one to choose since he comes with a powerful built in regeneration ability that will help you negate some of the incoming damage from enemies.

T3-M4: T3 starts out in the same room as HK-47 but instead of a battle he has to solve a logic puzzle. Failure to answer any question correctly will result in a Game Over. Below are the 3 answers:

1st Puzzle: 3
2nd Puzzle: 10
3rd Puzzle: 11

Brig Terminal on LeviathanRodian with ICE Breaker

There are technically two ways for you to free your characters, the first involves using the Brig Terminal in the middle of the map (marked Computer in my Companion Guide). If you don't have Computer Spikes or a character with high Computer Use then you can talk with the Rodian prisoner where it says ICE Breaker on my map. He will give you the ICE Breaker item if you free him which lets you hack the computer in this place for free.

Alternatively, you can get the Sith Passcard from the southern most room in the Prison Block which can also be used to free your characters. Just north of the room with the Sith Passcard you'll find a Footlocker with "Riot Equipment" that you should grab for some weapons to make the fight against them significantly easier.

Once you've either sliced open the Detention Center doors with the Brig Computer or you've obtained the Sith Passcard you will want to head over to the western most portion of this area marked "Detention" on the map. There will be a terminal in this room that you can use to free your characters and regain control of your main team. Just north of the room marked "Detention" is where all of your equipment is being held inside of a locker. Make sure you get this before you leave otherwise you'll be running around naked.

When you're ready head over to the western most portion of this area and ride the elevator to the Command Deck (listed as Bridge). Throughout the Leviathan there is tons of treasure for you to find - so I highly recommend you be very thorough when exploring since once you leave this ship you can never return. I will point out some of the more valuable treasure in my guide but I will not go into great detail about all the goodies you can find in every room.

Space Suits on LeviathanAdmiral Karath Boss Fight

In order to advance the story all you need to do on the Command Deck is to pick up the Space Suit inside of the Armory and then exit out of the northeastern most airlock. You'll need to walk for a short duration outside in space after which you will find yourself on the Bridge.

Once you've made it to the bridge continue to the eastern most portion of the area to find Saul Karath waiting for you along with multiple Dark Jedi and other Sith soldiers. It'll be a tough fight and using Stims, Shields and Force Powers before entering the room isn't such a bad idea.

After you've defeated Saul Karath you'll be given a choice with Carth - encourage him to kill Saul or talk him out of letting his anger control him. Obviously encouraging him to kill Saul Karath will get you Dark Side Points and encouraging him to not give into the anger will get you Light Side Points.

Make sure you open the hangar doors using the bridge computer before leaving and then return to the western most end of this area to ride the elevator down to the hangar. The door to the elevator will be unlocked if you opened the hangar doors using the computer.

Darth Malak Boss Fight

This will be your first encounter in the game with Darth Malak and you'll learn of a major plot point before the battle starts. As for the fight with Darth Malak, I find taking him out with Force Powers is the easiest but if you're melee then buff yourself up and attack with your lightsaber. Stims help too if you'd like to use any.

All in all the fight isn't too hard. Malak will eventually run out of Force Power anyway so you could do nothing but Medpac yourself the entire time until he did - at which point he is basically a normal Dark Jedi enemy. Darth Malak will end the fight with you when you lower his health to 50% and flee behind doors and into the central room.

Follow Malak by taking the indirect route around the compound and opening the eastern door to the central room. If you found Malak hard in your first encounter then use your Shield, Stims and Force Powers prior to engaging him the second time.

Once you've beaten him the second time there will be another scene after which Bastila will stay behind to fight Malak while you and everyone else escapes. When you leave the hangar you'll automatically board the Ebon Hawk and will leave the Leviathan. You'll land on whatever planet you were traveling to prior to being picked up by the Leviathan and Bastila will be unavailable to your party for the rest of the game.


Tatooine - Here you'll be able to get a new party member HK-47

Kashyyyk - During the story quest of Kashyyyk you'll be joined by Jolee, a new party member

Korriban - It's typically best to save the Star Map on Korriban for last; after finishing the Leviathan.

Manaan - This is another good choice for the last planet.