Dantooine Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Jedi Council on Dantooine

When you first arrive on Dantooine you'll have to complete many linear story events before you're able to do anything else. You will have to visit the Jedi Council at the northern most end of this area a couple of times to advance the story. It'll be a lot of dialogue and a general rule of thumb is if you [Lie] or [Persuade] then you will receive Dark Side Points during the conversation.

Your first test to become a Jedi is to recite the Jedi Code to Zhar, the person who will be training you.

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no death; there is the Force.

After you recite the Jedi Code correctly speak with Master Dorak and choose which color lightsaber you want and the type of Jedi you want to be. This part is extremely important and you should not choose the color you want but rather the type of Jedi you wish to be. You can change the color of your lightsaber later in the game easily but you can never change the type of Jedi you are.

The 3 types of Jedi are the Jedi Guardian, Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Consular. If you'd like to see what each Jedi specializes in check out the Kotor 1 Wikia for the most detailed info. You'll find some additional info about each in my Kotor 1 Beginners Guide too.

Here is a brief run down of the 3 types of Jedi and what to expect from them:

Jedi Guardian: This is the tank/melee Jedi. You get the highest Vitality (health) per level along with other useful melee bonuses like the Force Jump passive.

Jedi Sentinel: Balanced between melee and caster; a good first choice for people who don't know what they prefer. Sentinels get the Jedi Immunity feat which makes them immune to fear.

Jedi Consular: Your typical caster, they get the most Force per level and benefits that make it harder for enemies to resist their Force Powers.

Once you've chosen the type of Jedi you want to be speak with Master Zhar one more time and you'll be tasked with abolishing the corruption in the grove on Dantooine. At this point in time you'll be able to leave the Jedi Enclave and explore the planet of Dantooine. There will be numerous Side Quests you can pick up just outside the Jedi Enclave and many places to explore on Dantooine.

Below is a list of all the currently available Side Quests... and of course, as always, if you'd like to see an overview of everything you can do on Dantooine check out my Dantooine Companion Guide.

Dantooine Side Quests:

Elise's Lover
Mandalorian Raiders
Murder Investigation
Sandral & Matale Feud (becomes available later)

Juhani in the Grove on Dantooine

When you are ready to advance the story forward you'll want to head over to Juhani in the Grove who can be found meditating on the eastern side of the zone. You will initially have to fight Juhani but the fight will end when she is at quarter health and you will enter into some dialogue with her.

At this point in time you'll have the choice of convincing Juhani to redeem herself or to kill her. Convincing her to redeem herself will score you Light Side Points and Juhani will join your party permanently for the rest of the game. Alternatively, killing her will get you Dark Side Points and you'll miss out on Juhani as a party member.

If you want to convince Juhani to join you then provide her with kind and logical answers when you are talking to her. You can choose a few different paths and get her to join you but if you'd like to see one that works check my convincing Juhani to join your team Youtube Video.

To continue with the story you'll want to head back to the Jedi Council.... but first - let's finish some of the available Side Quests as well as explore the Crystal Cave we were told about. South of the Grove you'll find the Sandral Grounds and in the eastern most portion of the Sandral Grounds you'll find the droid for Elise's Lover along with the entrance to the Crystal Cave.

Dantooine Crystal Cave Kinrath

Despite being optional I am pointing out the Crystal Cave to you because it's important you visit here. Throughout the game you'll have a couple of opportunities to collect lightsaber crystals but this is your first. Inside the cave you'll find about a dozen Kinrath eggs as well as Lightsaber Crystals that you can interact with/bash open.

Smash every egg you can and collect all the Lightsaber Crystals then return to the Jedi Enclave. Tip: Use the 'Return to Ebon Hawk' option to instantly travel back to the Jedi Enclave. To install the crystals you just obtained into your lightsaber visit the Work Bench on the Ebon Hawk or the one near the Zhar, the guy who trained you to become a Jedi.

Master Zhar is also the person you will need to speak to in order to update your primary quest and continue with Dantooine. Talk with Vandar, a member of the Jedi Council, next. He'll update you with what you need to do and you'll also be interrupted during this conversation by a new Side Quest, the Sandral and Matale Feud.

I recommend you do this quest before proceeding with the rest of the story on this planet. Especially if you're a dark side character since that quest gives you the most opportunities for Dark Side Points of probably any quest in the game. When you're ready to proceed with the story you'll want to head to the ruins in the eastern portion of the Courtyard on Dantooine.

Strange Ruins Entrance

Inside the Strange Ruins you'll find a droid you can speak with and learn a lot about these ruins along with the body of Nemo - a Jedi you may remember from when we first arrived on Dantooine. Loot Nemo's body for some goodies then enter into either the east or west door.

How this dungeon works is pretty straight forward, in each room there will be a Guardian Droid and a terminal. To interact with the terminal you'll need to talk to it then show it your Datapad and talk to it again so that it can learn your language. Once you've done this each terminal will ask you to name either Death-Giving Worlds or Life-Giving Worlds. Below are the answers you'll want to give to each terminal.

Death-Giving Worlds: Barren, Desert and Volcanic

Life-Giving Worlds: Grassland, Oceanic and Arboreal

Answering correctly will give you access to the southern most room which is where you'll find the Star Forge Map (pictured below).

Star Forge Map in Strange Ruins

Once you've discovered the Star Forge Map there will be a scene with Bastila and you'll be told to return to the Jedi Council. Tell them what you found and they will assign you the next task which will involve visiting multiple planets and finding the Star Forge Map on each planet.

After finding the Star Map on Dantooine you'll now be able to travel to multiple other planets. Kotor 1 allows you to choose whatever planet you want next, allowing you to complete the game in any order you want. You also technically do not need to complete each planet when you visit it. If you want you can skip around to each planet and start the story quests on all of them but completing none.

Despite you being able to choose any order you want, there is a recommended order for you to complete them. Tatooine or Kashyyyk you can recruit a new party member on so they typically come first. After that you do Manaan and Korriban last.

Tatooine - You'll recruit HK-47 here which is one of the best companions in all of Kotor. The only downside of going here now is the Mission's Brother Side Quest requires you to go to Kashyyyk first for the Tach Glands.

Kashyyyk - Here you will meet Jolee who is a Jedi and will join your party for the rest of the game.

Yavin - This isn't so much a planet as it is a space station. You'll be able to visit this location any time throughout the game and it sells some of the best items you can get in the entire game.

Ebon Hawk Star Map