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On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for The Star Forge in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my The Star Forge Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on The Star Forge...

1. Make your way to Deck 2
2. Disable the turrets/create the best in slot Jedi Robes
3. Head up to the Command Center and have your showdown with Bastila or the Dark Jedi
4. Have your show down with Darth Malak

Deck 1 - Star Forge

Star Forge Deck 1 Clean Map

Your objective on Deck 1 is to travel to Deck 2 and that's about it. There will be waves of enemies that attack you along the way but other than that getting there is straight forward.

Deck 2 - Star Forge

Star Forge Deck 2 Map Locations

On this level of the Star Forge enemies will keep spawning as you progress through the level. They'll come from in front of you as well as behind you and despite what you may think there is only a limited number of enemies that will attack you. As you progress there are triggers which will spawn enemies when you walk through that area, if you move forward too quickly you could end up being overwhelmed.

Your goal is to reach the elevator in the southwest and ride it up to the next floor. In order to activate the elevator you'll need to disable the turrets outside which you can do at the Computer in the southeast or with your weapons/powers. Destroy Droid makes quick work of most enemies in this area.

Elevator: This is your destination to move onto the next level of the Star Forge. However, you'll need to either destroy or disable the turrets that are outside the entrance. You can disable the turrets at the Computer location in the eastern part of the zone.

Computer: At this Computer you'll be able to disable the turrets blocking the elevator as well as create armor for you and your characters. If you're a dark side character you'll create Darth Revan's Robes but if you're a light side character you'll create Star Forge Robes. These robes are the best robes you can possibly get in the game for either side of the Force.

Star Forge - Command Center

Star Forge Command Center Map Locations

Bastila or Dark Jedi: Depending on what your choice was on the Unknown World you'll encounter something different in this room. Light Side players will encounter Bastila and you'll have one last chance to persuade her to leave the Dark Side or kill her. Those who chose the Dark Side route will find 3 Dark Jedi in this room instead. Regardless of which path you chose your party members will leave your side when you proceed past this room. The rest of The Star Forge will need to be done solo.

Droids: Malak will interrupt you in this hallway and trigger an event with many droids. You can skip this whole area by bashing the door Malak closed and ignoring all the Droids. Alternatively, run around the room to each Computer and hack them to disable the droids. If you run out of computer spikes destroy the droids that keep spawning; each time you do 1 spike will spawn in the crate with the same letter as the droid. An example is if you destroy droid A, check bin A for a spike. If you destroy droid D, check bin D for a spike.

Viewing Platform - Star Forge

Star Forge Viewing Platform Map Locations

The final boss fight against Darth Malak takes place in this room. Surrounding the room you'll find numerous Jedi Captives, each of them is marked with a number on the map above. Malak will use these Jedi Captives to restore his HP and Force throughout the fight unless you destroy them yourself.

For more information on the Darth Malak boss fight head over to my The Star Forge Walkthrough. I give numerous tips and strategies you can use to defeat him.



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