Endar Spire Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1

On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for the Ender Spire in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Endar Spire Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on the Endar Spire...

1. Follow the tutorial
2. ???
3. Profit

Command Module - Endar Spire

Endar Spire Map

Command Module is the first area you'll come across in Kotor 1. To navigate this area simply follow Trask's instructions, all of Endar Spire is a tutorial and they navigate you through it pretty well.

Starboard Section - Endar Spire

Endar Spire Map 2

The second section of Endar Spire is where you'll meet Carth Onasi, much like the first part it's a very linear tutorial.



Endar Spire Walkthrough (Kotor 1)

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