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Korriban Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1

On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for Korriban in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Korriban Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on Korriban...

1. Visit the Sith Academy Entrance and talk to the guard outfront for the Journal update
2. Speak with Yuthura Ban inside the Dreshdae Cantina; obtain a Sith Medallion if she rejects you
3. Earn 5 Prestige by completing tasks from Uthar Wynn. Each task is 1 Prestige
(Optional) Finish Carth's Companion Side Quest now since later on you may lose access to it
4. Complete the Tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords
5. Turn in all acquired Prestige to Uthar Wynn; talk to him to travel to the Tomb of Naga Sadow
6. Complete the Tomb of Naga Sadow, obtain the Sith Lightsaber and Star Map
7. Pick a side with Uthar or Yuthura or kill both; return to the Sith Academy and exit Korriban



Dreshdae - Korriban

Korriban Dreshdae Map Locations

Dreshdae is the first area you'll visit on Korriban and there is quite a bit to do here. If you've already completed the Leviathan then when you first arrive on Korriban you'll be approached by an NPC who tells you about Mika Dorin's premium wares. This NPC sells some of the best items in the game rivaled only by the stuff you can buy on Yavin Station.

When you're ready to advance the story you'll need to go to the entrance of the Sith Academy and speak with the guard there for a Journal update. This is the trigger to spawn Yuthura Ban and the two groups of Sith which will attack you in the hallways (Thugs and Medallion on my map above).

Shaardan: You'll have the opportunity to gain Light Side Points if you convince him to let the Sith apprentices go or Dark Side Points if you allow him/convince him to kill them all.

Lurze: Speak to this NPC to start one of two Side Quests. For more information about these quests check out my Lurze Kesh Korriban Side Quests Guide.

Yuthura Ban: She won't appear until you've gotten the Journal update by speaking to the guard outside the Academy Entrance. If you fail to Persuade her or say you aren't interested in joining the Sith then you'll need to collect the Medallion from the nearby hallway.

(Optional) Dak Vesser: In the same location as Yuthura Ban you can also find Dak Vesser after you speak with him in the Valley of the Dark Lords with Juhani in your party. Without Juhani in your party you'll have the opportunity to kill Dak Vesser by refusing to let him leave Korriban. You'll receive Dark Side Points for this decision and you'll find an Eralam Crystal on his corpse, the only Eralam Crystal in the entire game.

Thugs: This group of thugs will appear at the same time as Yuthura Ban and will drop a Sith Medallion when you defeat them. Alternatively you can earn Light Side Points by convincing them not to fight you and your party.

Medallion: Here you'll find a Sith apprentice who spawns at the same time as Yuthura Ban and the group of thugs in the adjacent hallway. No matter what you say to him it'll result in a fight but you'' gain either Dark Side or Light Side Points depending on your choice of dialogue. This NPC will drop the Sith Medallion you need to enter the Sith Academy.

Events: Every Docking Bay area in the game is an "event location". What this means is there is a chance that you'll get a dialogue prompt from your Companion like... [So and so looks like they want to speak with you] which will advance their personal story line - or you might get an NPC that approaches you and starts one of the Companion Side Quests.

Below is a list of every Companion Side Quest in the game.

Bastila's Mother (Can't start on Manaan or Korriban)
Canderous' Honor (Can start anywhere but Tatooine)
Juhani's Past (Can start anywhere but Dantooine)
Mission's Brother (Can't start on Tatooine or Manaan)
Carth's Son (Can start anywhere but Korriban)


Sith Academy Entrance - Korriban

Sith Academy Entrance Map Locations

All you need to do in this area to advance the story the first time you visit it is to speak with the Sith Guard outside the Academy to update your Journal. This will trigger Yuthura Ban to appear in Dreshdae along with a few other Sith apprentices/thugs.

Mekel & Sith Hopefuls: You'll have multiple opportunities to earn Light Side Points here. Speak with the Sith students and figure out what is going on and then speak with Mekel until he leaves. You'll now be able to Persuade two of the students to leave for Light Side Points and you can Persuade the middle student to attack the guard for Dark Side Points if you don't have the Sith Medallion already.

(Optional) Belaya Encounter: If you killed Juhani back on Dantooine then Belaya will be here waiting for you and will attack you as well.


Sith Academy - Korriban

Korriban Sith Academy Map Locations

As far as the story goes, you'll need to earn Prestige by completing tasks inside and outside the Sith Academy for Master Uthar. 5 Prestige is all you need and each quest that you complete and turn in typically gives you 1. Inside the Sith Academy you can earn Prestige by interrogating the Mandalorian, Reciting the Sith Code or ratting out Kel Algwinn.

Warning! The Sith Academy is a place you will only have temporary access to depending on what your decisions are during the final quest on Korriban. For this reason it's strongly recommended you finish quests like Carth's Companion Side Quest before finishing the Korriban main story.

Sith Interrogation: One of the available methods of gaining prestige in the Sith Academy is by interrogation the captured prisoner. For more information about this mini quest check out my Sith Interrogation Guide.

Lashowe: Speaking with Lashowe and offering to help retrieve the holocron she is after is another one of many ways to obtain prestige at the Sith Academy. For more information about this quest check out my Lashowe's Side Quest Guide.

Kel Algwinn: Persuade him that the Sith suck and to leave the Sith Academy for Light Side Points. If Dantooine hasn't been destroyed yet you can find him at the Jedi Enclave training, which means you'll have sent him to his certain death if you come here before Dantooine goes boom. Dark, huh?

Dustil: If you've started Carth's Companion Side Quest then you will be able to find Dustil in the Sith Academy. A word of warning, if you turn the entire Sith Academy against you during the final quest in the Tomb of Naga Sadow then you'll be permanently locked out of this quest.

Uthar Wynn's Room: There are two reasons to come here, Carth's Companion Side Quest and The Double Cross Side Quest. You can get the passcard that will grant you access to Uthar Wynn's room from Yuthura during The Double Cross quest. Otherwise you'll need a decently high Security skill to get in.


Skyrack Cavern - Korriban

Korriban Shyrack Caves Map Locations

Renegade Sith: Here you'll find Thalia May and two other Sith runaways. If you attack them and kill them you'll receive Dark Side Points but if you offer to help them you'll get Light Side Points along with 1000xp. To help them you'll need to defeat the Tarentatek in the eastern part of the cave then return to Thalia and speak with her. Both options will get you prestige from Uthar.

Remains: Qel-Droma Robes are found on the body here and are the best Jedi Robes you can get in the game prior to the final dungeon. You will find a Datapad, Massassi Ceremonial Armor as well as some Credits in the area as well.


Valley of Dark Lords - Korriban

Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords Map Locations

The Valley of Dark Lords has 4 different tombs that you can access, all of which are involved in the main story for Korriban. Tulak Hord, Marka Ragnos and Ajunta Pall have quests that will reward you with Prestige when you complete them and talk with Master Uthar. As for the Tomb of Naga Sadow, that's the final dungeon that you'll have to complete to prove your worth as a Sith.

You can find random footlockers and containers throughout this area which will have some goodies in them too. There will also be a couple of NPCs that you can interact with to learn more about each tomb, Korriban or the Sith. All of that is optional, however.

Dak Vesser: Unless you have Juhani in your party Dak is basically just another NPC with info about the tombs; what's unique about him is he has a past with Juhani. If Juhani is in your party Dak will recognize her and the two of them will talk. After the conversation Dak will run off to the Dreshdae Cantina where you can find him and talk to him again. During the second conversation in Dreshdae there will be an opportunity for Dark Side Points.

Lashowe: If you had high enough [Persuade] to convince Lashowe that she needs your help to obtain the holocron then you'll find her standing outside the Tomb of Tulak Hord. There are opportunities for Dark Side Points during this quest and multiple outcomes. Check out my Lashowe Side Quest for more information.


Tomb of Ajunta Pall - Korriban

Korriban Tomb of Ajunta Pall Clean Map

In order to make it past the droids in the center of the tomb you'll want to place a grenade into the pillar that's a container in the middle of the walkway. Here's a video guide of me doing this step if you'd like to see it completed yourself. The next tricky part is at the end of the tomb, give the Notched Steel Sword to the statue to receive Ajunta Pall's Blade.

Convince the spirit in the tomb that it can atone for its dark side actions and you'll receive Light Side Points. Or tell him he is a disappointment/command him to tell you about the Star Map for Dark Side Points. When leaving the tomb Shaardan will stop you. There is no gain of Dark Side Points for fighting him but you can give him one of the two fake swords and avoid the battle if you want.


Tomb of Tulak Hord - Korriban

Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord Clean Map

The special event of this tomb takes place in the eastern most room with Jorak Uln and Mekel. What happens is Jorak Uln asks you a series of questions and you can provide obvious dark side answers which will hurt Mekel or light side answers which will hurt you. No response to the questions at all will hurt you too.

Saving yourself and providing all dark side answers will get Mekel killed and you'll receive Dark Side Points. If you save Mekel you can persuade him to leave the dark side after the fight by telling him nobody deserves to die like that and then telling him this is his chance to change. This will award you with Light Side Points.


Tomb of Marka Ragnos - Korriban

Korriban Tomb of Marka Ragnos Clean Map

The majority of this tomb is pretty straight forward, if all you care about is getting the Prestige then run through guns blazing and destroy the Rogue Assassin Droid at the end. Otherwise, you have the opportunity of earning Light Side Points or Dark Side Points for helping this droid out. For more information check out my Tomb of Marka Ragnos Guide.


Tomb of Naga Sadow - Korriban

Korriban Tomb of Naga Sadow Map Locations

Inside of the Tomb of Naga Sadow you'll need to collect the grenades found in the western most room and use the cold grenade on the Acid Pool in the center of the tomb. This will allow you to walk overtop the acid and reach the Star Map; behind the Star Map is the Sith Lightsaber that you need to acquire in order to pass your test.

You will be confronted by Uthar and Yuthura on your way out of the tomb and you'll have to choose to side with one of them or turn against both of them. Your decisions here can make the entire Sith Academy hostile towards you; for more information check out my Korriban Walkthrough and The Double Cross quest entry. Both will have information about this moment.

Energy Pillar Puzzle: In the eastern portion of the Tomb of Naga Sadow you'll find a Tower of Hanoi puzzle. For more information on solving it check out my Tomb of Naga Sadow Energy Pillar Puzzle Guide.

Grenades: You need to visit this room to complete this tomb as you can't cross the Acid Pool without the cold grenade.


Korriban Clean Maps

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