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On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for the Leviathan in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Leviathan Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.


1. Break your characters out of the Detention Center
2. Go to the Armory and pick up the Space Suit
3. Take the northeastern airlock on the Command Deck to the Bridge. You'll have to walk outside for a bit in space
4. Kill Admiral Karath on the Leviathan's Bridge
5. Open the Hangar doors using the Computer on the Bridge
6. Ride the elevator down to the Hangar
7. Fight Darth Malak in the Hangar (twice)


Prison Block - Leviathan

Leviathan Prison Block Map Locations

Each character that you can choose to break out the others starts in a different location on this level of the Leviathan. Typically Canderous, Juhani, Jolee or Mission will have the easiest time breaking out the rest of your team. Pick the character you're most comfortable using. Avoid using T3-M4 as you'll have to solve multiple logic puzzles to break out with him.

In order to free your characters from the Detention you'll need to acquire the Sith Passcard in the southern most room or use the Brig Computer. If you lack the Computers skill to properly hack the Brig Computer speak with the Rodan in the northeastern most prison cell for an ICE Breaker.

Sith Passcard: Finding the Sith Passcard and using it to open the Detention Bay doors is one of the two methods of getting into the Detention area.

Riot Equipment: Not marked on the map above but it is in a footlocker in the hallway just north of where you find the Sith Passcard - you literally can't miss it.

ICE Breaker: Being held captive in this prison cell is a Rodian who offers you the ICE Breaker item if you can free him. The ICE Breaker will allow you to access and use the Brig Computer without the need for any Spikes. In order to free this Rodian you'll need to kill the Sith who patrols the hallway to the northwest of his cell for the key then interact with the force field.

Computer: This is where the Brig Computer is located which is one of the two methods you'll want to use to free your characters in the Detention area to the northwest.

Command Deck - Leviathan

Leviathan Command Deck Map Screenshot

To proceed with the game you'll want to collect the Space Suit in the Armory and then exit through the northeastern airlock. This will lead you to the alternative Bridge entrance. Don't forget to explore this entire map though as there are tons of goodies for you to collect in every single room of the Command Deck.

Armory: You need to pick up the Space Suit in this room to advance the story but there are other goodies here for you to collect too.

to bridge: This leads to an airlock that lets you walk outside along the Bridge for a short distance before allowing you to go back inside. Until you defeat Admiral Karath and enable the elevator this is the only way to enter the Bridge.

Bridge - Leviathan

Leviathan Bridge Clean Map

When making your way over to the Bridge area for the first time you'll have to exit the airlock from the Command Deck and travel outside in space along the walkway until you reach the airlock leading to the Bridge. After you defeat Admiral Karath you can activate the elevator in the western portion of this zone by using the computer on the Bridge and opening the Hangar doors.

You'll find Admiral Karath in the eastern most portion of this area and he'll be surrounded by multiple Sith and Dark Jedi. To make the fight easier for yourself use Stims, Shields and Force Powers before entering the room with Karath. Once Karath is dead you'll have to choose a to encourage Carth's revenge (Dark Side Points) or to discourage it (Light Side Points).

Leviathan - Hangar

Leviathan Hangar Clean Map

The final area that you'll need to make it through on the Leviathan is the Hangar. You can access this area by taking the elevator down after you've unlocked the Hangar doors using the Bridge computer. At the far eastern end of this zone you'll have the first boss fight with Darth Malak.

You only need to get Malak's health down to 50% then he'll flee from battle behind closed doors. Circle around the area and enter from the eastern side to fight him again. This time Bastila will stay behind and you and Carth will escape to the Ebon Hawk.

If you're having trouble with the Darth Malak fight try using Stims and a Shield before the fight even begins.



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