Manaan Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1

On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for Manaan in Kotor 1. This guide is designed to be used as a companion while you're playing the game, hence the name "Companion Guide". If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead.

My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Some story events will be marked too along with rare or good items if I felt that they were worth mentioning.

This guide goes hand in hand with my Manaan Walkthrough which is built more like a traditional hand-holding walkthrough. Last but not least, when playing the game I liked having a checklist that reminded me of how and where to update the story on each planet, so I have included that at the top of each page too.

To advance the story on Manaan...

1. Talk to Roland at the Republic Emissary in East Central
2. Choose to decrypt the passcard, interrogate the Sith or just break into the Sith Base
3. Obtain the Data Module from inside the Sith Base
4. Plead your innocence to the Selkath Court and give the Data Module to Roland
5. Go underwater to the Hrakert Station
6. Obtain the Environmental Suit & Sonic Emitter
7. Venture over to the Kolto Control and learn how to reach the Star Map
8. Choose to inject toxins into the Kolto Harvester or explode the machine to access the Star Map
9. Explain to the Selkath High Court what happened when they take you into custody
(Optional) Answer the Selkath High Court correctly so you don't get banned from Manaan


Docking Bay - Manaan

Manaan Docking Bay Clean Map

Events: Every Docking Bay area in the game is an "event location". What this means is there is a chance that you'll get a dialogue prompt from your Companion like... [So and so looks like they want to speak with you] which will advance their personal story line - or you might get an NPC that approaches you and starts one of the Companion Side Quests.

Below is a list of every Companion Side Quest in the game.

Bastila's Mother (Can't start on Manaan or Korriban)
Canderous' Honor (Can start anywhere but Tatooine)
Juhani's Past (Can start anywhere but Dantooine)
Mission's Brother (Can't start on Tatooine or Manaan)
Carth's Son (Can start anywhere but Korriban)

West Central - Manaan

Manaan West Central Map Locations

When you pass through this area for the first time you'll be asked to pay the 100 Credit docking fee for Manaan. There isn't much else to note in this area except for Jolan Aphett the Pazaak Shark, if Pazaak interests you.

Jolan Aphett: This man is a Pazaak Shark and will play games of Pazaak with you for 200 Credits a hand. If you're persistent enough you can win all of his cards eventually.

Ahto West - Manaan

Manaan Ahto West Map Locations

In this part of Manaan you'll find the Selkath High Court which you'll be visiting during the main story as well as during the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest.

Sunry: If you've recruited Jolee as a playable character on Kashyyyk, your first time entering Ahto West you'll be stopped by a woman named Elora. She will ask to speak with Jolee and if he is in your party you'll automatically begin the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest. You can find Sunry in the holding cells just south of where you meet Elora.

Side Quests: This part of Ahto West has Nilko Bwaas as well as Shaelas who gives you the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest. Both of these Selkath will call you over when you get close enough to them.

Ahto East - Manaan

Manaan Ahto East Map Locations

This part of Manaan is where you'll want to go if you'd like to participate in some Swoop Races. Just south of the Sith Base you will find a droid shop run by Yortal Ixlis, if you help get Sunry off the hook in the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest then this shop owner will offer you a discount on everything he sells.

Queedle + Swoop: All of the Manaan Swoop Racing takes place here. In this area you'll also meet Queedle, an Ithorian that holds the 3rd fastest time on Manaan but needs some Credits to upgrade his Swoop Bike otherwise he'll never do better. There are some opportunities for Light Side and Dark Side Points from talking with Queedle, for more information check out my Queedle Side Quest page. You'll also meet Casandra Mateil in this area whom you can threaten for Dark Side Points.

When you're doing the Genoharadan Side Quests you'll meet Vek in this area too for the Ithorak Guldar bounty.

Sith: On your first trip through this area you'll be stopped by a group of Sith who demand you pay a toll. After you refuse or pay her you'll have the opportunity to speak with the Sith again and earn some Dark Side Points. You're able to threaten the Sith for Dark Side Points, if you do this a nearby Selkath will intervene and tell you that threatening people is a big no-no on Manaan. Threaten him for additional Dark Side Points and a fine of 100 Credits or keep being belligerent to be taken into custody and the fine increased to 500 Credits. You'll have the opportunity to [Force Persuade] your way out of jail and not pay anything if you go this route.

East Central - Manaan

Manaan East Central Map Locations

East Central Manaan is where you'll find the Republic Emissary which you'll be visiting numerous times as you complete the Manaan Story Quests. Much like the other merchant on Manaan, if you help get Sunry acquitted during his murder trial you'll receive discounted prices at Tyvark's store too.

Republic Embassy: Roland Wann is the main person you'll need to speak with at the Republic Embassy for most of the Manaan Story Quests. In the back of the embassy you'll also find the submersible that takes you down into Hrakert Station.

Hotel (Sunry Trial): While doing the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest you will need to visit this hotel and speak with the manager as well as two of the guests that are staying here.

Genoharadan: At this location you'll find someone named Hulas who will only speak with you about the Genoharadan Side Quest if you're alone. You can start this Side Quest at any point after killing Calo Nord, a Twi'lek by the name of Senni Vek will approach you and give you a datapad you 'dropped' that tells you to meet Hulas on Manaan.

Sith Base - Manaan

Manaan Sith Base Map Locations

As far as story objectives go, we're after the Data Module which is found on the Broken Droid and the Datapad which is found in the northeastern most room of the entire base. Both locations are marked on my map above. The force field in this base that you need to disable is in the Security Room and can be disabled from either PC in this base.

Red Smoke PC: How this room works is rather straight forward, the vents will deactivate in an ascending/descending order throughout the whole hallway. Stepping in the red smoke will cause you 25 damage on Normal difficulty, you can turn down the difficulty to cheese this part if you want. How the puzzle works is you turn on Solo Mode and you inch your way through the hall little by little paying close attention to the vents.

Broken Droid: On this Broken Droid you'll find the Data Module which is technically all we need inside the Sith Base to continue with the main story.

Flow Control: To solve the Flow Control Room 'puzzle' in the main room that connects both corridors activate both of the "Door Control" panels then enter the northern most corridor. Once you do this you'll be able to move through each corridor one by one without any issues.

PC: This PC allows you to do all of the same things as the other PC hidden behind the red smoke. For the most part the only thing you really need to use the PCs for in the Sith Base is to disable the Force Field in the Security Room.

Selkath: Here you will find a group of Selkath youth which are involved in the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest. Prior to speaking with these Selkath you'll want to explore the room in this Training Annex to the southeast. It will have a group of dying Selkath in there that will give you a token which you can use to convince Shasa and the other Selkath that the Sith are evil.

Datapad: This item is optional to obtain however you can use it to convince Shasa that the Sith are evil or you can use it to convince the Selkath High Court that the Sith are evil when you're taken into custody after leaving the Sith Base.

Hrakert Station - Manaan

Manaan Hrakert Station Map Locations

Inside Hrakert Station you will need to pick up the Environmental Suit as well as the Sonic Emitter to continue with the story. Aside from these two items everything else in this facility is optional. I strongly recommend you do some exploring as there is a lot to find here.

Note: You'll find a locker with a man inside of it in the same room that you pick up the Environmental Suit. There will be no opportunities for Light Side Points when talking to him but you can earn Dark Side Points by sticking your lightsaber through the locker and killing the man.

Sonic Emitter (SE): There are two of these hidden in the Hrakert Station, one is marked (SE) on my map above. It's very important you grab this item because you will need it to kill the Firaxa Sharks when you wear the Environmental Suit outside into the water.

Environmental Suit: You won't be able to venture out to the Sea Floor area unless you first pick up this item first.

Sea Floor - Manaan

Manaan Sea Floor Map Locations

Follow the survivor outside onto the Sea Floor your first time here and watch the scene of him being attacked by the Firaxa Shark. This is what will happen to you if you too if you aren't careful! Any time a Firaxa shark approaches you make sure you activate your Sonic Emitter to defeat it.

Firaxa: You can walk into a small room right here with a Firaxa Shark inside of it as well as a footlocker with a Nerve Amplifier Belt.

Kolto Control - Manaan

Manaan Kolto Control Map Locations

The only thing for you to do in this area as far as the story is concerned is to speak with Kono and Sami and learn of the two ways to reach the Star Map.

Kono & Sami: When you first meet these two they'll try to kill you. Use the Computer in the same room as you to turn off the depressurization or speak with Kono and Sami and convince them you are not a threat to them with either [Persuade] or [Force Persuade]. After talking with them and learning how you can reach the Star Map you'll be given the option of killing them for Dark Side Points.

Hrakert Rift - Manaan

Manaan Hrakert Rift Clean Map

The Hrakert Rift is the final location on Manaan that you'll be visiting and where you'll find the Star Map. You have two approaches to reaching the Star Map, the first is to put toxins into the Kolto Harvester which will poison the water (Dark Side Points) or you can overload the Kolto Harvester and blow it up (Light Side Points).

Below are the two methods and how you'll want to complete them. Keep in mind that if you decide to put toxins into the water you will be banned from Manaan unless you answer questions correctly when the Selkath Court interrogates you. Even if you answer the questions correctly you'll still ruin your reputation on Manaan - most Selkath will refuse to even talk to you. Side Quests like Nilko Bwaas and Kidnapped Selkath Youth will not be able to be turned in. For more information check out my Manaan Walkthrough.

Light Side Points: (Video of me overloading the Kolto Tank) Repogram the harvesting machine and cause it to explode. In order to reprogram it you'll need to do the following at the Kolto Tank:

1. Fill injector pod
2. Transfer from injector to container
3. Fill injector pod
4. Transfer from injector to container
5. Dump container pod
6. Transfer from injector to container
7. Fill injector pod
8. Transfer from injector to container

Dark Side Points: Put toxin into the harvesting machine and poison the water.


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