Unknown World Walkthrough - Kotor 1

Unknown World Ebon Hawk on Beach

Warning! Visiting this planet is the point of no return in Kotor 1. Make sure you've finished absolutely everything else you want to before coming here. I also strongly recommend you visit Yavin Space Station and buy whatever goodies available before coming here. Yavin restocks for the final time after you finish 5 of 5 Star Maps.

When you select the Star Forge System in the Star Map list on the Ebon Hawk you'll end up crash landing on the Unknown World instead. The Ebon Hawk crash lands on a beautiful beach and there will be some scenes and dialogue before you gain control of your characters.

Leaving the area around the ship will result in 2 Rakatan attacks, after the first attack a pair of Duros will approach you and tell you that they crash landed on this world too. You can interrogate them for information about the planet or tell them you're going to kill them for Dark Side Points.

As far as what we need to do on this planet - you'll need to get help from one of the two Rakata settlements on this planet and collect "Ship Parts" so that you can repair the Ebon Hawk. Like usual this guide will go into detail about the story and how to complete it but if you'd like to see all of the optional content then check out my Unknown World Companion Guide.

The One Rakata on Unknown WorldElder Councillor on Unknown WOrld

Head north from where the Ebon Hawk crash landed to the North Beach area; shortly into this area you'll be intercepted by a group of Rakatan who will demand you accompany them back to their town. It's recommended you go on peaceful terms (and leave) as you'll get the most xp and loot this way. You'll meet 'The One' inside of the Rakatan Settlement who is basically this groups leader.

Agree to help The One - even if you don't plan to - since it'll allow us to complete an easy Side Quest from Warleader Garn after. You're free to loot everything you find in the Rakatan Settlement and you definitely will want to. This entire planet is loaded with tons of great items that will make the end of the game easier... so be thorough when searching!

When you're done inside of the Rakatan Settlement return to North Beach and complete the Warleader Garn Side Quest. Turn in this quest before proceeding with the rest of the story on this planet because you may be making this group of Rakatan hostile to you very shortly depending on what you choose to do.

Our next destination is South Beach which is where you'll find one of the Ship Parts that we need for the Ebon Hawk. You will also find the entrance to the Elder Settlement in the southern most portion of the Southern Beach. When you approach the Elder Settlement you'll be asked the purpose of your visit.... Make sure you say one of the following or your party will be instantly killed.

1. I seek the Star Forge
2. I am Revan

There will be a bunch of dialogue when you enter the Elder Settlement and you'll have to make up your mind on who you wish to help. If you leave the Elder Settlement without killing Keeper Orsaa and looting the Ancient Tome on his body the entire Rakatan Settlement that 'The One' rules over will turn against you the next time you visit.

Below is information about each of the two different approaches you can take to finishing this quest.

Keeper Orsaa in Elder SettlementElder Warrior Prisoner in Rakatan Settlement

Help The One (Dark Side): When you visit the Elder Settlement kill Keeper Orsaa and loot the Ancient Tome. Return this to The One and he'll agree to help you enter the temple. As aforementioned once you go to the Elder Settlement you must return with the Ancient Tome otherwise the Rakatan siding with The One will become hostile.

Help The Elders (Light Side): Return to the Rakatan Settlement and you will be attacked by the Rakatan before you can even reach the settlement. Defeat every Rakatan enemy in your way until you reach The One and kill him too. When you engage The One he'll open all of the prison cells surrounding him to free the Rancors, in one of those prison cells is the Prisoner that we need to save. Talk to the Prisoner to free him then return to the Elder Settlement.

Note: If you decide to help The Elders then you'll also be able to complete the Researcher Ll'awa Side Quest inside of the temple. In the basement of the temple as the computer about the Rakatan's history with the Force and return the information you acquired to Researcher Ll'awa.

Regardless of what approach you take the next event plays out the same. Whatever group of Rakatan you helped will ask you to meet them (alone) outside the temple. You will need to remove the other characters from your group and talk with the Guide Rakatan outside of the temple to proceed.

During the ceremony you will be approached by Jolee and Juhani, both of whom claim to have gotten a bad feeling through the Force. They'll insist on coming with you and you will need to [Persuade] the Rakatan who is working on the shield to let your party members join. If you choose to threaten the Rakatan you'll get Dark Side Points.

Once inside of the temple our next objective is to proceed downstairs and access the computer terminal that way we can open the doors that lead to the summit. Prior to doing that though you'll want to spend some time running around on the Temple Main Floor and collecting all of the goodies.

Remember, from this point on in Kotor there are no vendors and Credits are useless. Any items you pick up that you'd typically consider vendor trash are just wasted space at this point - keep that in mind as it'll save you some time when scavenging for loot.

Floor tile puzzle in Temple Catacombs

When you're ready to proceed with the story you can find the Temple Catacombs entrance in the eastern portion of the area. Downstairs you'll find a few more Lightsaber Crystals as well as the only puzzle in this dungeon, the floor tile puzzle. (Video of me solving the floor tile puzzle) To easily solve this puzzle what you need to do is run across the floor tiles in the shape of an H, use my video if you'd like to see what I mean or my screenshot above.

In the adjacent room you'll find a computer which will allow you to open the doors that lead to the Temple Summit. You can also ask this computer tons of questions about your last visit and the Rakata history. Additionally, if you decided to help The Elders and you picked up the Researcher Ll'awa Side Quest you can get the information you need for Ll'awa from the computer.

To reach the Temple Summit you'll first want to return to the entrance of this dungeon; the doors that lead to the summit are right in front of the entrance. Interact with them to open them and continue up to the summit. At this point in time I strongly recommend you save your game. On the roof you'll meet Bastila who is now the apprentice of Darth Malak and one of the most important conversations in the game will go down.

**Save Your Game**

**Save Your Game**

Bastila Boss Fight

You'll have some dialogue with Bastila then she'll attack you, lower her health to 50% and you'll get more dialogue. If you'd like to see a detailed list of all the conversation choices, where they lead and which ones give Dark Side Points and which give Light Side Points then I recommend you check out the Kotor 1 wiki. For the most part it's self-evident, if you give obvious evil responses you'll get Dark Side Points but if you give obvious good responses you'll get Light Side Points.

During your second conversation with Bastila you'll have to choose to stay as a Jedi and follow the path of light or to embrace the dark side and regain your title as Sith Lord. Your choice here greatly affects how the rest of the game plays out. Regardless of your choice, once the battle is over you'll need to disable the planetary disruptor field using the nearby computer on the Temple Summit and return to the Ebon Hawk.

Light Side Choice: Bastila leaves on her ship and you will have to return to the Ebon Hawk and explain to them what happened. That's about it, this choice is rather vanilla.

Dark Side Choice: Bastila will join your party again and will have a bunch of new Force Powers as well as be far down the Dark Side spectrum. Jolee and Juhani will attack you and you'll have no choice but to kill them. Return to the Ebon Hawk and all of your party members will be waiting for you. Carth will leave and encourage Mission to do the same. You're able to use [Force Persuade] on Zaalbar and tell him to kill Mission or to fight both Zaalbar and Mission and kill them both. Every other party member stays with you until the end.

Note: Your choice during this part of the quest will result in the largest shift of dark side/light side in the entire game. A fully maxed out light side character will receive +40 Dark Side Points if they choose to regain their mantle as the Sith Lord. The same is true if you're fully maxed out evil and choose the light side path. Basically, the further you are progressed down one side the more points you'll receive if you choose the opposite side.

Everyone Outside the Ebon Hawk on Unknown World

Before leaving the Unknown World there are a few more optional things you can do. If you sided with The Elders then you'll need to turn in the Researcher Ll'awa Side Quest - if you complete it. For those of you who sided with The One, if you'd like you can exterminate his entire town. Return to the Rakatan Settlement and speak with The One and he'll demand information about what you found in the temple.

None of the dialogue options will allow you to give him any information and they will all end in combat. If you choose the "You are a fool! I only used you to get into the Temple!" option you'll get Dark Side Points too. There is good loot to be found in the cages where the Rancors used to be and lots of xp from killing every Rakatan inside the settlement.

Inside one of the cages that The One opens you'll also find Ship Parts; you'll need these to repair the Ebon Hawk. There is another one in South Beach which I mentioned earlier. You only need one of these and they're easy enough to find. Once you're done with either of these tasks return to the Ebon Hawk and then fly to the Star Forge.