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Secrets of Faydwer Achievement Guides

This is the index page for all of the Secrets of Faydwer (SoF) Achievement Guides I have on my website.




Partisan of Gnome Memorial Mountain

Greeter Seeltink - Orcwolf Mercy
Greeter Seeltink - Clockwork Mercy
Greeter Seeltink - Greatest Gnome Hunters
Belira Blastil - What's Cooking
Belira Blastil - Furnace Fire
Belira Blastil - At Its Core
Belira Blastil - Unscheduled Repairs
Tinzenwen Geargoggler - Judge by What's Inside
Tinzenwen Geargoggler - Culture of Blood
Tinzenwen Geargoggler - When Orcs Fly
Tinzenwen Geargoggler - If It Is Broke


Hero of Gnome Memorial Mountain

Belira Blastil - The Darkness Howls
Belira Blastil - Ironing out the Legion
Leadbetter - Danger Zone