Clockwork Mercy - Greeter Seeltink

Greeter SeeltinkGreeter Seeltink Map Locations

            This quest is the second one offered by Greeter Seeltink in Gnome Memorial Mountain and it requires that you first complete Orcwolf Mercy before you're able to accept it. Completion of this quest will allow you to accept the third and final quest from Greeter Seeltink, Greatest Gnome Hunter.

Request Phrase: Clockworks or Orcwolf
Task Type: Solo

1. Collect 3 Crystal Memory Resonators from damaged clockworks
2. Collect 2 Crystal Memory Resonators from near destroyed clockworks
3. Deliver all 5 Crystal Memory Resonators to Greeter Seeltink

Clockwork Mercy Map Locations

            Much like the previous quest the damaged clockworks that you need to defeat start at 40 - 50% HP and they spawn around the outer rim of Gnome Memorial Mountain. You'll find damaged clockworks pathing all over the place on the paths that go along side the western and northern walls.

            Be warned though that sometimes when you defeat a damaged clockwork and loot the Crystal Memory Resonator that they drop an additional Iron Legion enemy (Iron Legion Converter) will pop out and begin attacking you and your group. It seems to be random whether or not this happens but I have noticed that it only happens when a Crystal Memory Resonator is looted and no more than 1 enemy can spawn to attack you at a time.

            Once you are finished with the damaged clockworks you'll want to travel to the southeast which is where you will find the destroyed clockworks. This part of the task involves no fighting, just use invis and gather 2 Crystal Memory Resonators from nearby the destroyed clockwork bodies. The Crystal Memory Resonators look like rainbow crystals on the ground, shown in the screen shot below.

a destroyed clockwork and crystal memory
A Crystal Memory Resonator next to a destroyed clockwork.

            When you've gathered all 5 of the Crystal Memory Resonators that you need return to Greeter Seeltink and turn them all in to complete the quest. The final quest from Greeter Seeltink is now available to you, Greatest Gnome Hunter.


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