Culture of Blood - Tinzenwen Geargoggler

Tinzenwen GeargogglerTinzenwen Map Location

            This is the second partisan quest given by Tinzenwen Geargoggler and it requires you complete Judge By What's Inside first as well as all previous tasks from Belira Blastil. In my opinion this is the most pain in the ass quest from Tinzenwen Geargoggler due to having to wait for certain ingame hours to complete task updates.

Request Phrase: tasks
Task Type: Solo

1. Learn about the orcwere and their culture (Go to Spot #1 on my map below)
2. Learn about the orcwere and their culture (Go to Spot #2 on my map below)
3. Learn about the orcwere and their culture (Go to Spot #3 on my map below)
4. Defeat a perceptive hunter
5. Return Bloodmoon Disguise to Tinzenwen Geargoggler

            For this quest you're given an item, Bloodmoon Disguise, which allows you to walk through the Orc camp without being attacked. There's one catch though, it won't work when the orcs are in their orcwere form at night. This illusion will only work during the day when they're regular orcs.

            During the day time the orcs remain as regular orcs until around 9PM at which point they change into orcweres until around 6AM. These times are estimates but they aren't off by anymore than an hour - I spent a lot of time in the orcs and checked the ingame time every time that they changed.

            For #1 and #2 you have to stand near the fire pit in the northwestern most portion of the orc camp. Both of these task updates are super easy - you won't have to do any fighting or even any moving around. Just park your butt in the extinguished camp fires and wait for task updates.

            Update #3 and #4 aren't so easy. Where you see #3 on my map above is where both these steps take place. Approach this area during the day or at night and a perceptive hunter will spawn. You will need to talk with this NPC but he will tell you to bugger off unless it's during the day and you are friendly to him.

Note: If you can speak Orcish it'll help for this part of the quest but it is not required.

Orc Dialogue: Real

            All you need to say to the orc in order to get the task update is "real". It's highly recommended you clear out the other nearby enemies though as when you're battling the perceptive hunter they'll agro you too. Assuming that you're doing this quest with a group, it's recommended that before you defeat the perceptive hunter you give everyone the chance to say 'real' to him. This way you only have to defeat him once.

            With the perceptive hunter dispatched all that's left is to return to Tinzenmen and hand him the Bloodmoon Disguise that he gave you at the start of the quest.


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