Greatest Gnome Hunter - Greeter Seeltink

Greeter SeeltinkGreeter Seeltink Map Locations

            This quest is the third and final quest offered by Greeter Seeltink in Gnome Memorial Mountain. In order to accept this quest you'll first need to complete Orcwolf Mercy and Clockwork Mercy given by this same NPC.

Request Phrase: hunt, Orcwolf and Clockworks
Task Type: Solo

1. Defeat 5 Fearsome Spiders
2. Loot 2 Clockwork Spider Legs from the spiders
3. Defeat 5 Deadly Snakes
4. Loot 2 Clockwork Spinal Sprocket from the snakes
5. Defeat 1 an animated junkpile
6. Loot 1 Clockwork Spine Pipe from the junkpile
7. Deliver all the items you just looted to Greeter Seeltink

Greatest Gnome Hunter Map Locations

            I've found the best place to hunt the three different types of enemies that you need for this quest is in the northern part of the zone alongside the mountain. There are plenty of enemies in this area for you to defeat and there'll be no need to wait for respawns.

            The snakes and spiders are numerous and all over the mountain side but the animated junkpiles (what the quest calls boars) are most commonly found in the northeast along the path. This is the area on my map above marked by the blue circle on the right.

            Each of the different enemies that you need to hunt drop a different quest item, gather them all then return to Greeter Seeltink and turn them all in to complete the quest.


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Greatest Gnome Hunter Quest Issues

Greatest Gnome Hunter Quest Bug

            I'm putting this part of the guide here because literally every time I have done Greatest Gnome Hunters on a 6 box (I did all the partisans in GMM on 3 different 6 box groups to write my guides) I bugged out the quest at this one part on at least one character. I have no bloody clue what causes this bug but eventually the deadly snakes just stop dropping quest items.

            My theory is that they only drop 12 Clockwork Spinal Sprockets in total per group (which wouldn't make sense) and if you loot any extras on any characters it'll mean someone can't complete the quest and has to abandon it and start all over. Either way, this footnote is here for anyone who encounters a similar issue as me.