What's Cooking - Belira Blastil

Belira BlastilBelira Blastil Map Location

            This quest is the first partisan quest given to you by Belira Blastil and begins the quest chain to unlock the second Heroic Adventure from Belira. Completion of this quest will give you access to the followup, Furnace Fire which takes place in the same area.

            You do not have to complete any quests in the zone in order to accept What's Cooking from Belira Blastil.

Request phrase: deal with
Task Type: Solo

1. Find and taste whatever the chefs are cooking
2. Defeat the iron chef enemy that spawns and attacks you
3. Defeat 3 peaceful workers nearby
4. Deliver 1 Chocolate Cookie? to Belira Blastil

Chocolate Cookie Map Location

            The item that you need to eat is found towards the top of Gnome Memorial Mountain. Just south of another quest giver, Tinzenwen Geargoggler you'll find a dining room like place with a bunch of enemies named "a gnomelike worker" and "a peaceful worker" inside. These enemies don't see through invis but they will attack you on sight without invis, meaning they aren't very peaceful nor on the same faction as the other gnomes in the zone.

            What's worse is the Chocolate Cookie that we need to eat is in the center of the room on a plate and there are very fast respawning enemies in this room. Want even more bad news? Depending on who else has done this quest today, there is a chance that they might have left up to 6 "a peaceful workers' up in the room.

Whats Cooking Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies on table.

            As you might have surmised from what I have said so far, this is one of the more difficult quests for you to complete in this zone. Here is a short and easy to follow order of how you'll want to tackle this room without dying.

1. Walk into the room and pickup A Chocolate Cookie?
2. Use A Chocolate Cookie? (Right click it)
3. Defeat An Iron Chef
4. Defeat all a peaceful workers that attack you/spawn
5. Loot another A Chocolate Cookie?

Note: Do not click the Chocolate Cookie on everyone in your group at the same time. If you do this and everyone is on the same step, "defeat all peaceful workers" you'll be swarmed with lots of enemies that don't despawn. I would assume this mistake is what causes enemies to be left up in this room.

            When you do click the Chocolate Cookie you'll have as long as you want to defeat the 'an iron chef' but after you do 'a peaceful workers' will start to spawn and/or roam into the room from the same hallway we came from. If you have crappy DPS you'll get overwhelmed standing in the room. I'd recommend you pop burns now and loot another Chocolate Cookie as soon as it spawns.


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