When Orcs Fly - Tinzenwen Geargoggler

Tinzenwen GeargogglerTinzenwen Map Location

            This is the third partisan quest given by Tinzenwen Geargoggler and it requires you complete Judge By What's Inside and Culture of Blood as well as all previous quests from Belira Blastil before you're able to accept it.

            One could argue that this is the most annoying of quests offered to you by Tinzenwen.

Request Phrase: tasks
Task Type: Solo

1. Speak with Tinzenwen
2. In the furnace area defeat Iron Legion Huggers & loot 4 Rusted Rotor Blades
3. In the furnace area defeat Iron Legion Gnomes & loot 1 Power Source + 1 Reinforced Metal Strapping
4. Pickup the Stoppered Urn which is in the Supply Room
5. Deliver Rusted Rotor Blades, Power Source and Reinforced Metal Strapping to Tinzenwen
6. Speak with Tinzenwen
7. Deliver 1 Stoppered Urn to Bloodmoon Exile
8. Deliver 1 Unstable Rotopack to Bloodmoon Exile
9. Watch as the orc leaves the island
10. Return to Tinzenwen

Tinzenwen Map Location

            For the first part of this task you'll have to defeat Iron Legion enemies in the Furnace area of Gnome Memorial Mountain for 3 different items. You need 4 Rusted Rotor Blades, 1 Power Source and 1 Reinforced Metal Strapping. The Reinforced Metal Strapping and Power Source are the easy parts since there are about a dozen different Iron Legion enemies in the area for you to hunt.

            As for the Rusted Rotor Blades... Well there's only a single Iron Legion Hugger in the Furnace area and you need 4 Rusted Rotor Blades. I tried defeating other flying machine enemies throughout the zone and some do drop Rusted Rotor Blades but looting them doesn't count towards quest progress.

            Even the flying machines in the Ambassador of Love camp and around Tinzenwen (literally in the rooms right next to the furnace) did not give me quest credit when I looted them. If you never read my tip from a few quests ago - for those of you who are boxing this quest I strongly recommend you don't loot all 4 Rusted Rotor Blades on each character 1 by 1.

            Instead what you'll want to do is loot 3 Rusted Rotor Blades per character so that the Iron Legion Huggers keep dropping the highest amount possible. To elaborate a little more; how quests are designed in this game is the more people in your group on the task with the same step uncomplete the more quest items that will drop.

            So on my 6 box I got 5 Rusted Rotor Blades when all 6 people had the step uncomplete and 4 Rusted Rotor Blades when I completed the step on one character. Get the point? Hopefully you do!

            After you finish collecting all of the Rusted Rotor Blades that you need your next stop will be the Supply Room. Here you'll find a Stoppered Urn lying on the ground in the southeastern most corner. If you're having trouble locating this item use my two screen shots below for some extra guidance.

            The Stoppered Urn has a very slow respawn timer but luckily no enemies in this area will attack you on sight unless you destroyed your faction with the gnomes. Once you have the Stoppered Urn in hand return to Tinzenwen and turn in everything you've gathered so far except for the Urn then speak with him.

            Tinzenwen will give you an Unstable Rotopack and tell you to go speak with the Bloodmoon Exile in the southern most portion of the zone where all the orcs are. If you need help finding the Bloodmoon Exile his location is marked on my map below.

            Getting to this NPC can be a royal pain in the butt depending on how good your group is. The only enemies in the orc area that see through invis are the starving worgs and nameds. During the night time the wounded bloodmoon orcs can turn into skeletons right at the entrance of the orc area - these guys will see through invis too but they're uncommon.

            When traveling south through the orcs the first orc camp you come across will have a starving worg in it. There won't be another one until you reach the Bloodmoon Exile area, over here there are 2 starving worgs in the way of the Bloodmoon Exile.

            Basically once you've cleared your way to this guy all that's left is to give them the two items, Stoppered Urn and Unstable Rotopack and then watch what happens. I won't spoil what happens but it's fairly obvious what will. You don't have to actually watch or even be in the area and the task update happens quickly anyway so it's not like you gotta wait around.

            All that's left is to return to Tinzenwen and hail him to complete the quest.




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