Furnace Fire - Belira Blastil

Belira BlastilBelira Blastil Map Location

            This quest is the second partisan quest given by Belira Blastil in Gnome Memorial Mountain. Completing this quest will grant you access to the second Heroic Adventure from Belira Blastil called Ironing Out The Legion as well as the next partisan quest, At Its Core.

Request Phrase: deal with
Task Type: Solo

1. Defeat 3 Iron Legion enemies in the Furnace area
2. Deliver 3 Energy Cores to Belira Blastil

Furnace Fire Map Locations

            This quest is soooooo easy it's funny. Basically all you have to do is run all the way back up to the top of Gnome Memorial Mountain, in about the same area we were for the previous quest. Just south of Tinzenmen's room there is a large oval room (shown on my map above) this is the furnace area.

            In this room you will want to defeat 3 Iron Legion enemies and loot the Energy Cores from their corpses. That's literally all you have to do for this quest - it's that simple.

Note: If you're a boxer while you're up here drop a campfire next to Tinzenmen. The next quest we do is going to have us come up here and deliver the Energy Cores to him. The worst part of these quests is the run up to the top of this bloody mountain!



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