Orcwolf Mercy - Gnome Memorial Mountain

Greeter SeeltinkGreeter Seeltink Map Locations

            This is one of the very first quests available to you when you enter Gnome Memorial Mountain and it's given to you by Greeter Seeltink inside the building in the center of the zone. Completion of this quest will grant you access to the followup quest, Clockwork Mercy.

            Below is a summary of each quest step followed by a map that details each of the different locations the quest takes place.

Request Phrase: Orcwolf
Task Type: Solo

1. Defeat 5 wounded orc wolves found along the outer walls and down south
2. Gather 5 Bloody Hank of Orcwolf Hair
3. Check the status of the gate
4. Defeat the two orcs that ambush you
5. Return to Greeter Seeltink
6. Give 5 Bloody Hank of Orcwolf Hair to Greeter Seeltink

Orcwolf Mercy Map Locations

            The wounded orcs that you need to defeat are found most commonly in the southern portion of the zone, just north of the gate. They're also found in the southeastern part of the zone along the wall, there are less enemies in the southeast so go there if you've got a smaller or weaker than usual group.

            Each of the wounded orcs is usually lying on the ground and they start the fight at 40% or so health. Even though they start at 40% they still have a buttload of health so I doubt you'd be able to handle them without a group or at least some assistance.

            Once you're finished with this step the next one is the tough one - inspect the southern gate. The moment you get near this gate two orc ambushers will engage you. What's nice about these enemies is they don't seem to cause social agro with the other orcs in the area. This will give you the opportunity to pull them away from the gate and fight them in a safer location.

            I fought these orcs right where it says 'Gate' on my map above, basically right in the middle of all the other enemies. So long as I did not use AoE attacks I had no threat of agroing anything else in the area. When you've beaten these two enemies it's time to return to Greeter Seeltink and turn in the 5 Bloody Hank of Orcwolf Hair to complete the quest.



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