Judge By What's Inside - Tinzenwen Geargoggler

Tinzenwen GeargogglerTinzenwen Map Location

            This is the first quest given to you by Tinzenwen Geargoggler in Gnome Memorial Mountain. In order to accept this quest you will first need to complete all quests and both Heroic Adventures from Belira Blastil. Until you do that, Tinzenwen doesn't want anything to do with you.

Request Phrase: tasks
Task Type: Solo

1. Loot 4 Bloodmoon Spleen from Bloodmoon Orc
2. Loot 2 Bloodmoon Skin from Bloodmoon Orc
3. Loot 3 Bloodmoon Stomach from Bloodmoon Orc
4. Loot 3 Bloodmoon Brain from Bloodmoon Orc
5. Loot 1 Bloodmoon Loincloth from Bloodmoon Orc
6. Deliver all these items to Tinzenwen Geargobbler

            For this quest basically all you need to do is head down south to the Bloodmoon Orcs and defeat them until you get all of the items required for this quest. On my map below I have three locations marked, two are in blue and one is in red. The two blue locations are the easier spots to camp and the red circle is a much more difficult camp - I'd recommend at least 4 characters + 2 mercs if you're going to hunt there.

            A tip to anyone out there - if you see the named Bloodmoon Howler Trolog up it's probably best that you avoid him or at the very least place a campfire someplace expecting to wipe. This is (imo) the most difficult named in the zone by a large margin. He summons 2 worg adds at what seems to be every 10% hp loss and they have really wonky agro. Usually they jump on your healer and are impossible to pull off unless you taunt them.

            Tip: If you are a boxer and are doing this quest on 2 or more characters then I have a cheesy method to help you complete the quest faster. Depending on how many characters in your group have the quest determines how many items drop from enemies. When one person gets a task update, for say Bloodmoon Brains, then less brains will start dropping from the orcs.

            You can cheat the system by taking advantage of the abundance of items that drop when you first start by giving everyone the majority of what they need but don't get the Task Update until everyone needs only 1 or 2 more items as drops. This helpful little tip will work for all quests if you're boxing.


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