If It's Broke - Tinzenwen Geargoggler

Tinzenwen GeargogglerTinzenwen Map Location

            This is the final partisan quest given by Tinzenwen Geargoggler and it requries you first complete all three previous quests from Tinzenwen first which are Judge By What's Inside, Culture of Blood and When Orcs Fly. Also this is probably the easiest quest of all partisans throughout the zone - you literally only need to defeat one enemy!

Request Phrase: tasks
Task Type: Solo

1. Use the kit on an Iron Legion enemy when they're at 50% or lower HP
2. Defeat the enraged Legionnaire enemy
3. Give the kit to Belira Blastil to complete the quest

            You can complete this quest with really any Iron Legion enemy throughout the entire zone but the majority of them hang out in groups which may prove difficult for anyone soloing. Below I have a map location of the northwestern mountain side of GMM where there are a few Iron Legion enemies standing solo for you to take out.

            All you have to do for this quest is to DPS an Iron Legion enemy down to 50% and then right click the kit in your inventory when you have them targeted. They don't get any more difficult once they turn into an enraged legionnaire enemy so you don't have to worry about anything like that.

Iron Legion Enemy Map Locations

            When you defeat the legionnaire return to Belira Blastil and hand her the kit to complete the quest and for the Partisan of Gnome Memorial Mountain achievement - congrats! The only thing that's now left for you to complete in this zone is the group mission from Leadbetter called Danger Zone.



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